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    September 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    1. "Well hot Dang! Now I'm the patient!" 2. "Chronicles of my nursing nightmare, Dr.. Let me know when to stop." 3. "Before nursing, I was already on the edge. After nursing, I can no longer find the edge" 4. "Nursing pushed me over the edge!" 5. "Well doggone it, you've got a nice view from here!" Said no one EVER!
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    RN License plate

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    Professionalism 101

    The outsider with new eyes usually sees things clearer than the veterans that have been going at it for so long. But putting it across to your colleagues if the tricky part, "It is not what you say but how you say it". Find a way and then tackle it...gently.
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    Professionalism 101

    Just so wrong on many levels; "Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality". And that makes it okay?
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    Want to quit nursing school with 9 months left

    We usually know when something's not going to work for us. When it gets so bad,that suicide becomes an option, you should quit. No, there is nothing wrong with you; you just HATE the field so bad that anything else looks good to it. Quit babes:). Get out of it. Get happy. Go find what makes you happy. Or take a leave of absence from school.Would that be something you would consider?
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    Applying in person

    I say go for it.Take the bulls by the horns. Even better, you already have some in. I say, suit up and go for it:)
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    One shift can make other days look bad,huh? All the good ole days forgotten for one shift? It's all about our perspective. Should one non pleasing day ruin the 50 good ones? Or is there an underlying feeling already?
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    Precepting my first nursing student. Advice needed!

    She has time enough to do her medications and stuff...she will do that constantly.I would suggest 1. find out here expectations of nursing and time spent with you. Encourage her to talk. 2. You were a new nurse not too long ago yourself.Think about those helpful suggestions that could have been given to you in school. 3. show her how to navigate in the nursing world with pts, drs, and colleague and other staff. 4. Don't just tell her why you do the things you do, during your assessments. Either explain to her or encourage her to find out for herself. But let her understand the etiology of what you're doing. 5. be patient with her. People learn best in a thriving environment when they know you are rooting for them to succeed. 6. Be lavish in your praise. Cheer her successes on and work with her to build upon her weaknesses. 7. Talk to her as a colleague and don't be afraid to send her to a non-threatening environment. It will build her confidence. 8. Good luck for in teaching her, you yourself are taught:) Mazel Tov!
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    Bullied for reporting a med error by another nurse

    Ideally med error reports should be for continuous improvements in job efficiencies. But we know that what should be is not always so; for some it becomes a vendetta...and other reasons for others. Its intent should be trending and another,to prevent a future recurrence.
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    Bullied for reporting a med error by another nurse

    For some reason, this just tickled me silly. She probably forgot what name she was logged on under.Cute:)
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    No.A good friend just finished CRNA school. Are you determined?Do you have the resilience (& brains) for CRNA school? Then you can do it. But shoot, get done with your BSN first:).
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    Two Job Offers.... Which to Take?

    You hotcake you:). Congrats on your two job offers. You seem like a list person, so here this might help, Write your short term and long -term goals. Take finances out of it (you control money, not the other way around) What employer do you most have peace with? Where do you think you'd have the most satisfaction? Pray about it.
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    Why we don't hate nursing?

    So there are threads dealing with the negativities of nursing. Probably! Are there more complaints of the inadequacies of nursing? Probably! Should you let it deter you from pursing your desire to become a nurse? It shouldn't. It is perfectly okay to listen (read) the pros and cons of a profession you are about to embark on because you will be investing valuable time, efforts and money into this profession. Should that stop people from venting? Absolutely not and thankfully it will not. One should be adult enough to separate facts from fiction. I do believe that if one is adult enough to make a decision to go into nursing and take control of people's life (in your care of them), then one should be able to deal with discussion topics, the negatives and the positives alike. If you have your mind set on doing something, why then should you let the words of another discourage you? When you should be doggedly pursing the goal you have set for yourself. You should let those words go in through one ear and filter out the other. By "filter", I mean be selective; choose what is useful to you and discard what is not. I might find it a tad annoying to be selective with discussion topics in order not to affect your supposedly determined goal of pursuing nursing. If you LET (give permission to) another deter you from your set goal, then you are NOT the person you thought yourself to be. Such a person is fickle and I would be wary of making an association with such a one. For me, that would translate that when the chips are down, that person will not have your back. Have a backbone! We mean well and we all learn from each other. In my postings and thread, I try to be as objective as possible because, yes, I do understand that other people read and perhaps may be vacillating on what choice to make of nursing. But pray, do not presume to ask others to censor their words. These are people's subjective feelings and unless you have walked a mile in another's shoes, you cannot presume to dictate what people should or should not do. You can only seek to understand... In reiteration, we do not hate the nursing profession itself but might have issues with the way it is being run. (Some do hate nursing, but that's okay too.) These words are explicitly the views of the writer alone; they do not reflect other people's opinions.
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    Smokers need not apply?

    It is a choice.They have chosen to hire only non-smokers, you know. You can also choose not to work there. We may not support their stand, but we can respect it.
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    Can my hospital force me to go back to school?

    The right question to ask is: Will your employer pay for it? and if yes, then this is an opportunity to further make yourself marketable. I say go for it. The beginning is always hardest and most employers offer tuition reimbursement.
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    Something not to do on a job interview

    *Chuckle*...my mum would want to come along.I'd be the one to decline:)
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    My interview at a Hospital with the lions

    A little pressure and you balk. I notice you have a lot of "I am this or am that...". I applaud you. It is always good to recognize your efforts, but also recognize that in a different situations, those skills might mean zit. It takes humility to recognize that. Sadly, not everyone has that. Why be so quick at taking offense? And another suggestion, be better assertive. Assertive does not mean being rude, it means standing up for yourself (even if you are seething on the inside). Learn from the experience- take what matters and discard the rest. Success in your next step:).
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    The Problem with Nursing

    A response to the Vanderbilt outlook. The Vanderbilt case dear colleague is THE problem with nursing: Nursing is NOT a respected profession. In as much as people vote nursing at the most trusted, yeah right, it certainly is not the most respected. I would rather have their respect than their trust, let my family and loved ones trust me. A doctor, be as grumpy as he or she might, is well-respected. As most other professions are, but certainly not nursing. Nursing provides a good source of living But to what loss? For what cause? The reason people are able to be stirred to a higher cause is because there is a buy-in, they believe their input matters. The opposite is the case in nursing. Change, you say? WHAT CHANGE? There is no change in nursing, at least not at bedside. You are treated as easily replaceable and your opinions do not always count. There is trepidation, there is fear. You always wonder what "mistakes" they might ferret out. You see, they have to burrow really deep! What life is it that you gain no joy from what you do? Innovation is lacking or out rightly shot down because of a fear that it actually just might work. Asinine! Apple? Apple is a success story because innovativeness is welcomed. Starbucks? Employees are called partners and spirit is high. Nursing? Better get to it and clean the toilets while you are at it. It is what Florence Nightingale would have wanted...Ludicrous! Why pick and choose? Why not wear starched white gowns with little cute white caps while we are at it (smiles). After all, "it is what Florence Nightingale would have wanted"! There is a vast difference between nursing and the business world. Perhaps it is because it is a field largely populated by women, I know not. "Lean In"women, "sit at the table"~ Sheryl Sandberg PS: These are strictly the views of the author. It is not the intent to disparage nursing itself, but shed a light on its problems. Healthy arguments or opposing views are welcomed.
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    Six weeks out - never been so happy

    "To thine self be true"...you have gained some definition, now live your truth:).
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    Any nurses that don't regret becoming a nurse?

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    The Problem with Nursing

    "despite all the abuse that goes on daily basis" But wouldnt this be an assumption?How do we know these people know of this, "abuse that goes on a daily basis"
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    The Smile that Changed Everything

    Sometimes we put labels on people or we have preconceived ideas which may or may not be wrong. But perhaps, a better approach would be to keep a blank slate and go into a situation without any expectations and then form opinions as we go. Of course, every situation is unique and we have some wisdom so we should be able to decipher. I think I found my writing streak..lol Grouchy old woman she was, I was told Everyone her care was quick to thrust away Every step in her room was always timed For haste had to be made to get away from the grouchy old woman Then my turn it was to care for this person Gory tales I had already heard Looking forward to this task, I was not But the job had to be done And there I was to do it; excited I was not I delayed as much I reasonably could Slow to attend to this patient I was Save the best for the last? I saved the "worst" for the last! Like a hangman to the rope, I walked Prepared to do my best Expecting the worst Knocking on the door, I bravely walked in And in a moment of repose caught her A faraway look in her eyes there was Asked I of her, "Is everything okay?" And out poured a poignant tale of a loved one gone by And tales of a life gone by Pictures were shown of dear loved ones A connection we had made That put this "grouchy old woman" in good light Grouchy she was not Her expressions though wrong Concealed a broken heart Weep not, dear person "It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved" I smiled and she smiled back Tis true; a smile begets a smile I walked out the room, ashamed of my thoughts I almost did not give this woman a chance From opinions already made A promise I made, to go henceforth With no opinions made A blank slate I would be, A chance I would give To my next, "grouchy old woman" -The_Optimist
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    The Problem with Nursing

    You would be doing yourself a huge service. Make sure that field is something you like/love though.
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    The Problem with Nursing

    @Bolded, I beg to differ. If you are going in that vein, most people do not respect reality stars even though some do make a lot of money and are wedded for 72days only(love her though:). People already believe that athletes are overpaid, so that does not necessarily correlate. But I bet you that as much of a tool the MD is, the patient would accord more respect to him than you. People can be fickle
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    Discussion: Making Nursing Easier &Effective

    Esme12, it is not for school. It is a brainstorming session that perhaps might give someone an, "aha" moment:).