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  1. Give them the highest wage you in mind,they don't know that's your highest wage.
  2. I think the Affordable Care Act, was well intentioned but badly carried out. But as with all things new, the quirks only show up after implementation.Hopefully, things get evened out or completely scratched and back to drawing board. There's never anything wrong with admitting a mistake and trying again.
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    Doctor's attitudes

    There's never any excuse to be rude (except it was intentional) but it is always best practice to give ONLY pertinent information on a case. Depending on the person's mood at the time, it can get to be very irritating when it's long-winded. Get to the Point! It's almost like waiting for the punch line to a joke that either never comes or takes forever to get there. Be polite, state your case and suggest or ask for what you want. Most doctors would oblige otherwise if it is a history with them, seek alternative solution.
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    If You Give a Patient a Cookie

    Brilliant piece!
  5. I am sure that I am not alone in having had pure evil thoughts about "A.P.A" format. What is this APA format, you ask! This so well-loved format that could be the determining factor between a passing or failing grade. If you have ever heard the saying, "crying more than the bereaved", then you have successfully described the APA in nursing. Nursing schools took APA from the original initiator and simply ran with it.APA is to nursing school, what water is to fish; one crazy love! It was hammered into our skulls, we were terrorized with it. It simply HAD to be the APA format. You were often judged more by your APA format than the contents of the paper. Wrenching! (Show of virtual hands) Can one nurse, just one, say that she has EVER used APA format in the care of his/her patients? I did not think so. It was sad but funny really, how instructors went on about APA format. They did not go on and on about the possible toxic environment nursing could be. They did not tell you life experiences and how it could be applicable to yours in the real world. They mostly told you about APA format and how you could write an article or publish a journal in the far off future. Teacher, please! I just wanted to pass the course first! My thoughts? If I ever got to the point of writing or wanting to write an article, then I should be able to research the correct format with the plethora of resources available to me or heck, I should hope the book publisher has a credible editor to do that! It has been years later, but I still burn at the wasted efforts of APA and the disservice being done to nursing students. You are only to follow rules, never questioning, especially when your questions are contrary to the general consensus. Be a "sheeple" (SHEEp+ peoPLE)by all means, always following, never questioning. Then how do people learn? Where is the buy in? If people know nursing for what it is and is not, then they are better able to make informed decisions and can avoid potential career disasters early enough. But I digress! The constant hammering on APA format is not helpful to anyone. By all means, introduce and teach the "subject" and then be done with it. Do not go hammering on it as is currently done. Teach the important things like work conditions, burn out environment, coworker conflicts and possible solutions along with course work. Make nursing education more meaningful to the student, enough with the constant harping on APA format. Enough, we say! Please critique this article. Be gentle but real:)
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    Most shocking thing you've seen another nurse do?

    That's being resourceful:)
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    Greetings from Israel

    Shalom Claire!
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    How much is too much?

    Twenty-one books for ONE semester? Does your school get commissions?!!
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    If Nursing were a Male-Dominated Field

    You are most welcome:). Thank you!
  10. The OP possibly has (had?) good intentions:). The tone of your online missive is a bit questionable and unless that was strictly your intent, then it may have rubbed people the wrong way. Sure, you passed on the information to your clinical instructor, correct, but you should also have stayed away from your colleague at that time. No good was going to come out at that time in the midst of heavy emotions. I might compare it to some Southern States, where you can be soundly insulted and then "bless your heart" is used as the cover up. Unless you are asked for it, I feel you should leave the teaching to the instructors. The Law of nature will play out and weed out the good from the bad. No need to sully your name in the process.
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    Muslim nursing students

    The OP sounds very smart from her posts. I daresay she would figure out whatever she wants to do and see it through. Get the facts, ask questions and figure out what it is you want to do. And if it continues to be nursing, then go at it totally.
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    After 10 weeks, my biggest fear has come true...

    Not a good experience to be sure Katie92. I'm also thinking, that this might be a case of self-fulfilling prophesy. This was your worst "nightmare" at clinical and you had been dreading it. It is also very possible that you may have put into motion, actions (non-verbal communications) that brought this behavior from the patient into play. Rule 1: When in "enemy" territory, do not show fear, even if it is killing you inside. But remember, you got out of that situation- it did not kill you. Now you can consciously CHOOSE to not let that situation deter you from your clinical. You can also build up your confidence by taking up "softball" patients, if your instructor would let you. Otherwise spend a few minutes each day in front of your mirror perfecting your most affable but passive face. Enjoy nursing school.Mazel Tov:) PS: Your instructor or the nurse should have paved the way for you too.
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    If Nursing were a Male-Dominated Field

    LOL! Not by itself:)
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    Jealous that I have no life

    How about discussing with your fiance? As is, you already sound resentful. Try to bring up the discussion when you are in a better frame of mind. Never assume! It's also very possible he has his own concerns too.
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    Jealous that I have no life

    This! Doesn;t it just suck? Especially when other people in even more difficult majors have an upbeat attitude. A couple of my friends are into the med, engineering and crna schools and they just have the most upbeat attitudes and are doing just great. Life is 90% attitude and 10% whatever else.
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    Jealous that I have no life

    Agree to disagree. You have your experiences..he has his. Most times people often speak from their experiences.You cannot presume to know that his post comes from "ego". And just because he had it easy does not take away from him being an excellent nurse. You work smart and hard..not just hard.
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    How often does this happen?

    Is being quiet a crime? Only in nursing!
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    You want us to do what?!?

    Are you trying to start up something?Not fair to the OP.
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    If Nursing were a Male-Dominated Field

    Hey, you can add your version. Keep it fun and light-hearted:)
  20. Do the nursing, if you can. Yes, it is possible to combine nursing with another degree and make it work for you. You are more versatile and yes, you will find a nursing job. It might not be your first option but you will find something. Stay positive and in faith. But whatever you do decide to do, stay fully committed to it. Eyes on the goal.
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    Patient abuse... To staff

    I agree with the beginning of your sentence; one difference I would make though is that I WOULD CONTINUE to assign my staff to that room. She would only be cautioned to remain polite, say the least bit possible, do her job and exit the room. For me, it helps my staff deal with a difficult situation and not run from it. And two, the patient would understand that I have got my staff's backs( the hardworking and good ones, of course).
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    Nurse accidentally throws out kidney before transplant

    Attack is the best form of defense. She would or they would sic it on her. Communication was ineffective.
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    Nurse accidentally throws out kidney before transplant

    Why bring it up then? It takes away from the case.
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    Are we tyrants?

    Are you tyrants?Yes, you are.Hear me out. This is NOT professional behavior in any way. I understand your "passion" about your babies but it does not help matters when their is such a vicious way of showing it.Can you pass your message across in such a way that it is felt and understood by all concerned? Absolutely! Just not this way that you are going on about it.It only drives hackles up. You are an adult and would like to be treated as a professional.But you have to show it.Being tagged a "tyrant" does not a better nurse make you. Might I suggest you go back to basics and have a rethink on your course of action. Your defense might be you are too passionate about your babies. Maybe but that won't wash.If I were your boss, you would absolutely need to rethink that approach.
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    September 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    1. Nurse reflecting: "To me, you're only my doc!To my patients, I'm their maid,housekeeper,nurse etc. What an irony~!" 2. Student Nurse: "Doc, I want to get well...I only need you to take the longest route getting there!" 3.Student Nurse: " Which of my repressed memories do we start with?Patients, doctors or colleagues?" 4. Doc.: "Fret not Nurse. Your malady is of an insanity type...APA to be exact."