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    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired: Freedom of Speech

    What?!!! YOU DID NOT KNOW THAT? That was me deliberately being sarcastic and shouting at the same time. Yes, emails have tones.
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    Vent about nurses

    I looked to be sure that I quoted you. That was in direct response to your post. Not the OP's.
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    The "Perfect Hospital"

    In a perfect world, we would all be perfect nurses and give perfect care in perfect hospitals:). But alas, it is not a perfect world, and we are imperfect and so we try to do imperfect things perfectly. To answer your question, no there is no such thing as a perfect hospital but there is such a thing as a perfect hospital for you. (I should pen an article on this:unsure:)
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    When you question your actions.

    I am always amazed when people make a complete judgment based on a post/thread. My curiosity is truly piqued. Is this a form of "having each others' backs" or one truly does feel that way?
  5. Depends on how bad (or not) they need her services. Otherwise, hospital X would have her.
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    Current nursing student...but what to do after my BSN?!

    "Martyrdom would die...a thousand deaths"...
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    Sorry, but no..:

    We all have our preferences, yes, but we also have to abide by hospital rules , as long as it does not encroach on the rights of us or the patients. So we get to call our patients whatever name the hospital wants them to go by. It only becomes inane if that "name" is changed constantly
  8. Wrong move. That's your ace; you don't want to show your ace.
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    We are AllNurses!

    Who We Are We are nurses, some born, others made, some innate, others acquired. We are people who make a difference in the lives of others and our families through our expert care and quest to understand better, our clients' needs. What we Do We work as part of a medical team in providing quality care to patients in terms of recuperating or being there for their final departure... Where we are We are in a vast number of places. You name it and we have probably been there. We roll from hospitals to clinics to home health to tech corps. to long term facilities to school nurses to triage to insurance to name but a few. Again, you name it and we have probably been there! How we are We try to be a supportive environment to our patients, families, colleagues or just the occasional stranger. We admit that we don't always get it right, but we do try our darnest. It's just that sometimes our darnest does fall short but we still keep trying. We are AllNurses and we stand in this together. We stand a fighting chance to Be and Stay Recognized Professionals in our Industry and World The End By The Optimist
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    Nursing makes me hate fat people

    I'd hazard a guess that title was written in a moment of pique, hence the no-filter.
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    I got the scholarship!!!!

    OP, have a drink on me! Congrats dear!!!
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    N95 vs. Surgical Mask for TB PPE

    Just curious. If you can't remember the size, then how do you know they can't filter? P.s- I am completely with the N95 mask.
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    November 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "I'm an engineer. I came off the 29th floor to join the nursing field. You answer to me!" (I couldn't resist:)
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    Unhappy camper looking for some advice from nurses

    OP, repeat after me: DO. Not.Leave.That.Job! The grass always seem greener on the other side. Your job is great! What you need is variety, you need something that would add a spark. From what you have written, it seems that you should have some leeway. Go to conference -hang with positive and energized folks -Remember and keep the original reason you went into geology -Do something fun and not your normal routine -Get a hobby that challenges you. -Shake up that routine for a bit Do not let your feelings cause you to make a hasty decision; our feelings change frequently. I hesitate to tell you to remain in a job that you say right now is not for you, but you will rue it more if you made a hasty decision based on only emotions. If you finally do decide that nursing is where you want to be, go into it with no unreal expectations & you will find that peace or at least a stability of mind.
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    Let go from my first patient - Please help me understand!

    Good to do, but not too much that you become jaded:)
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    Vent about nurses

    Fit in? On whose terms? What "terms" does she have to fit in under? Could those just be her quirks that you could speak to her about? Is there any possibility that you may be fanning the flames?
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    Vent about nurses

    Not a question of standards being low or not. If your instinct is to act as suggested, then by all means, do so. You won't be justifying yourself to me or anyone else but to yourself on whether or not the action was acceptable. You are the standard.
  18. Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. Find something you are passionate about and then fight for it. Perseverance is not one long race but many short races, one after the other. Just be absolutely certain of what you want. And if it takes a few months or a year of deviation to get to where you want,so be it. But never let another tell you that you cannot do it. Those who say it is impossible should get out of the way of those doing it.
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    I hate my job!!!!!!!!

    Some questions -Were those the terms of agreement? -Do you avoid situations that put you there? -Have you spoken to the people involved about it?- Have you asked your trusted colleagues their views and opinions? P.s- You don't hate your job;you hate your employers!
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    Vent about nurses

    Purely Hypothetical. Say, you had someone (a daughter, favorite niece or someone) on the volleyball team and she had a player that was trying her best but just not up to your person's standards. Would you advice that she clandestinely work to get the girl off the team? Could you stand to tell her anything else? Again, purely hypothetical.
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    Vent about nurses

    I think your reaction is the "obnoxious" one. (Is she the obnoxious one or is it her actions that you find obnoxious?) On the quoted above, are you colluding with the family against your colleague? What do you say when they complain to you? Remember, there are thress sides to a situation, your side, her side and the truth. When will people learn that confrontation is not such a bad thing when handled properly. If you have a problem with your colleague, take it to her at a good time, otherwise find a mediator.
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    Do you think physicians could pass the NCLEX-RN?

    Halloween question, right?
  23. It would be a wonderful world when people could respond to questions asked without the snarkiness or even better yet, ignore the question altogether if your response would be less than polite.
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    Are You Providing Great Patient Care?

    Way to label a bunch of nurses with great time management skills incompetent! Good going.
  25. Mean...............................................................................................................................................I l Love it:)