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  1. kerrynurse

    Rasmussen college,here I come

    Hi. How is the program?
  2. kerrynurse

    Rasmussen College - Ocala Location

    How is it going? My husband is starting in January. We would love to here about your experience so far.
  3. kerrynurse

    Concorde Memphis RN Program?

    Did you go to Concorde? My husband is thinking about going there in February 2019.
  4. kerrynurse

    ECPI Nursing Program in Charlotte NC ???

    Hi, Pmonai626, CNA. My hubby is looking to start Feb 2019. How much is the ADN program. They refuse to tell you over the phone.
  5. kerrynurse

    Virginia college nursing

    No. My husband is thinking about it though. Did you start there yet?
  6. kerrynurse

    Travel RN Seeking Travel Buddy

    Looking for a travel nurse buddy that currently hold CA, ND, GA licenses. I'm leaving 12/27/17 for Santa Clara, CA. Home for me is Ga and it would be nice to find a buddy within my home state. My contract ends April 22, 2018. Let's explore CA together! I have been a travel nurse for three years and it gets very lonely sometimes. I need a buddy to help keep the home-sickness down :)
  7. kerrynurse

    Aspen University MSN vs other MSN online programs

    Hi Taofiq05. It is going pretty great. A lot of papers but hey it could be worse so I won't complain
  8. kerrynurse

    Attention Aspen U Students RN-MSN

    Sorry about the delayed response. I am loving Aspen U. I'm taking 2 courses per 10 week term, but it is going fine. There is a lot of papers though. Like one "Professional Development" paper is like 3 or 4 papers in one. It could be worse so I am not going to complain. Best of luck to you
  9. I also was interested in hearing from other Aspen U RN-MSN students, however, I was ignored also.
  10. kerrynurse

    Aspen University MSN vs other MSN online programs

    I am starting their RN-MSN program this June. I'm super excited! Thank you, jmuhammad10 for the details. Have a fantastic week everyone
  11. kerrynurse

    Attention Aspen U Students RN-MSN

    Wow. I have had 74 visits and no one had responded
  12. kerrynurse

    NCLEX-RN 2014 (Passed on 2nd Attempt)

    Congrats I'm so glad you are one step closer to achieving your ultimate career goals. Being a nurse is like being a beacon of hope during a perceived hopeless situation in our patients' lives. When I have bad days on the job because my unit is understaffed, I remember those words.
  13. kerrynurse

    Any Aspen University MSN Grads? Do they exist?

    I am also interested in the Aspen U RN-MSN program. I have already signed up and seeking some insight into the program. However, my post was ignored
  14. Hi everyone :) I'm starting Aspen U RN-MSN program June 1, 2014 and need to take two BSN courses together twice in an academic year to satisfy employment requirements. I only have 10 months remaining to complete this task. I'm asking current Aspen U students in this program to give me a few pointers, and insight into the program. Thanks!
  15. kerrynurse

    I stopped at 75.. :(

    I used both Hurst and Kaplan. However the test taking strategies were not as helpful as the qtrainers from the Kaplan. The Hurst was great for mastering the content. Aunt Marlene helps you focus on the content the "NCLEX lady" favors;)