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SoCaliLVN is a CNA, LVN and specializes in Psych.

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  1. SoCaliLVN

    West Coast University Fall 2020 OC

    Wanted to see how anyone that started this program is doing? I was accepted into GCU's ABSN and Unitek LVN to BSN but my kids are unwilling to budge as far as moving. So WCU and APU are my only chances and going straight into a BSN. I have W's on my transcript so I don't want to wait around to see if I qualify for a CC. Any input would be appreciated
  2. SoCaliLVN

    Unitek Bakersfield BSN Program

    Hey LVN_Flower, The schools here in SD are very limited in how many students they take. For example, Southwestern college (where I graduated from with my LVN) takes 10 at most LVN to RN students and that's only if enough ADN students either drop or fail their semester. NU is based highly on TEAS and GPA, Miracosta is waiting list, and so on. As far as hospitals hiring based on school you attended, they don't care. As long as you pass boards then that's what counts. I was reading up on ICHS and it seems like they really trap students to keep them in their program. That sounds very scary.
  3. SoCaliLVN

    Unitek Bakersfield BSN Program

    I have decided to go with Unitek since I am really looking into a two year LVN to BSN program and it mainly being online has sold me!! Everything seems to be going well, just need to retake my TEAS and take micro (set to take thru SCU in Jan). BPina said I could start as soon as April. For those in the program already , any feedback??? I am choosing this school over Grand Canyon because it is mainly online and I am a single, working mom. I live in San Diego and I understand that I will need to fly out for clinicals.
  4. SoCaliLVN

    Grand Canyon University ABSN

    I will look into Tucson. Thank you for the info. I have an associates in psychology and one in vocational nursing.
  5. SoCaliLVN

    Failed Nclex AGAIN!!!!! HELP!

    I have not taken the NCLEX so I cannot offer any advice on study material. Stay strong, rearrange test taking date as needed. Sending positive vibes.
  6. SoCaliLVN


    Littmann Cardio IV ... I have very poor hearing on my left side and this stethoscope is very clear. I am still learning sounds but it's nice to know I can hear something. Very much worth the money spent.
  7. SoCaliLVN

    2018-2019 Student LPN Roll Call

    I start SWCCD LVN program (San Diego, CA) in August. Orientation is July 9th. Were the costs for books and what not very high for your schools?
  8. SoCaliLVN

    I need some advice

    What shift is it that you are working with 20 residents? If people are quitting left and right, enough to leave them short staffed, it is probably because the are overworking their employees. What you can do really depends on the shift you are working but regardless there should be some team work.
  9. SoCaliLVN

    Should I have quit?

    Sounds like a terrible situation. You did right by leaving so don't lose anymore sleep over it. Some of these facilities just don't give a crap about their employees. The longer I am in the field, the more I see it. Try to get a hospital job.
  10. SoCaliLVN

    Could I do nursing (BSN) if I have a criminal record?

    I have a juvenile record and as a CNA that hasn't prevented me from working and it won't keep me from getting my BSN. As long as you were not charged as an adult or have an adult record you shouldn't have a problem.
  11. SoCaliLVN

    Juvenile Arrest: Did I ruin my chance to be a nurse?

    I have never disclosed anything from my juvenile record and it has not been a problem. I currently work as a CNA and hope to start ADN program within the next year.
  12. SoCaliLVN

    BE HONEST! What part of your job do you hate?

    Maybe the CNA can't make it because he or she is in another room cleaning someone else or in the middle of a hoyer lift. Why exactly are nurses beyond being able to take resident to restroom?
  13. SoCaliLVN

    Nursing and the sex industry

    I can't wait to get together with my friends, sip on margaritas and tell them about what I learned on Allnurses today!!! Lol
  14. SoCaliLVN

    testing for cna exam

    I tested there and passed on my first try. The majority of my class passed. There was a few that failed but out of those some didn't pass the written portion. It's nerve wrecking but if you have been practicing your skills you will have no problem ☺️
  15. SoCaliLVN

    Does your hospital allow shadowing experience?

    Can she get in as a volunteer? I am volunteering on three different floors at a local hospital and while I am not one on one with an RN I do answer call lights and interact with multiple staff on the floor. Maybe for someone unfamiliar with medical field work this would be beneficial if they cannot do shadowing. Just a thought.
  16. SoCaliLVN

    Where's my planner nerds at?!

    My fave is definitely Erin Condren!!! I've had so many different planners but I love that I could customize it. The stickers it comes with are awesome and I really enjoy how it breaks down the day.