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    Nursing, should I stick with it?

    So here is the deal, a while back...during my first two years of dreaded nursing I wrote an article expressing my frustrations related to all the expectations that were required from me as a nurse. I am happy to announce that after years of gaining experience that I truly love being a nurse. We have the ability to change people's lives. We can help them decide on medical procedures, educate them on the importance of medications, and advocate for those who cannot. I take pride in knowing that in 1 shift I can impact a handful of people. Yes, people are rude. Yes, family members can drive you nuts. Yessssss, I am tired. But at the end of the day there is no other profession like nursing. Next step is to start respecting ALL types of nurses and interdisciplinary members part of your patient's health care team. Does anyone have any tools that can be applied daily to help build communication within the team? Yes other than keeping it professional, because that doesn't work all the time. You know when you are talking to a Dr and physical therapy comes into the station and asks who has 5? And you are busy communicating with a physician to hear...and then they actually interrupt you!!! Or those stupid annoying phone calls while your hands are covered in secretions....lol..send help

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