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  1. daesha87

    OU LPN to BSN NACE Exam 2018

    I'm thinking of applying you have any study tips for entrance exams?
  2. daesha87

    OU LPN-BSN program fall 2018 applicant.

    I'm thinking of applying to the program. Haven't took any of the entrance exams. Does anyone have any pointers for studying?
  3. Ok say it's saying I can't send my message. (918) 815-1941
  4. Yea we usually go to the 9a.m. service. I'm a CNA at a Nursing home/Rehabilitation center. I work the overnight shift. 11 to 730. I know i will keep these hours probably just change my days, they will work with me around school.
  5. Cynt87....I have taken the hesi but need to retake it didn't pass the grammar section....not my strongest subject. It's really not that hard. You would need to pass every section with an 80%. Biology with at least 50%. The test is vocab, math, grammar, reading and comprehension, and biology. Congrats on just having your baby :-). Nathifslr26, I just started attending City of Life! Yea I need to work too I have a 5yr old although I do have help I still have bills to pay. I currently work full time to but I haven't really figured out my working situation yet!
  6. Hello Cynt87, Teco's LPN program is a very good program. Their Nclex pass rate is very high. It is said to start in Oct. Evenings Mon. Tues. and Thurs. 530 to 930 and clinicals would be 2 weekends a month- sat. and sun. I think 630 to 330. The dead line to apply is the end of August. They no longer do the Teas they do the Hesi exam. As for daycare I'm not sure, previously someone said something about one in Dr.Phillips I live in St. Cloud. But in my opinion you can never go wrong with La petite!
  7. Ok thanks for the advice I will definitely look into those books, and refresh on my medical terminology. I have an old book from my CNA class. So do you plan to work?
  8. Oh ok, you think you can share that resource list? I did get the fundamentals book off ebay. I figure even if for some reason I don't get in I don't plan to give up so something for me to read until I figure out my next move. Congrats Newbie2013...yea I can't wait either i'm just ready to start and finish....lol
  9. Yea I think our group was one of the first to take the biology.....ugh. Thanks I hope I just pass. Have you start buying any books?
  10. I would have to take the entire exam again.....ugh that sucks but I been reviewing everything so i'm confident i'll pass the next time. I wasn't even aware the biology was going to be apart of it and was worried when I got there and there it was.......but passed with no review. As far as the August program being delayed i would assume some would come to evening part-time. That my actually be a good thing. Last I heard they were talking about the part time maybe being delayed due to not having enough students so that my be good, only if I can hurry up and pass this darn test I would be good!!
  11. I didn't have to take the Tabe, I have my AA. I took the Hesi but failed my grammar by a few points so I have to retake it. Hopefully I pass it this next time. I have my references and everything else but haven't took the drug screen yet. Have you heard anything about your interview yet?
  12. Hello my name is Shadae, I'm also trying to get into the part-time lpn program at Teco!