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  1. 2011RN


    It used to be that the kind of nursing positions I wanted required a Bachelor's degree. Now that I am $30,000 in debt with my BSN these same positions require that you have a Master's degree.
  2. 2011RN

    What do you hate most about your job?

    Mandatory overtime, low morale because of how nursing is treated and management not keeping staff informed about even the most basic things.
  3. 2011RN

    Changing to a non-nursing career?

    You are not alone. I regret going into nursing every single day. If I had it to do again I would go into social work. At least then you still get to help people but have weekends and holidays off and are not mandated for overtime all the time.
  4. 2011RN

    Day 7: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    Oh my god! You have the worse case of "The Trump" that I have ever seen!
  5. 2011RN

    Written Job Offer Rescinded=jobless

    At my first nursing job the policy stated that thirty days notice was required when resigning. Any less than that and you would not be eligible for rehire.
  6. This week I learned: 1. Those that resist change are often the ones that complain the most about how things currently are. 2. Some people think that change is not possible. What they need to realize is that change is not just handed out you have to fight for it. 3. Too many people believe money is all that is important. 4. We are the earth's cancer.
  7. 2011RN

    Government should not be in healthcare business

    Are you aware that the insurance policies that you can purchase through the exchange are still offered by and operated by private insurance corporations? They are not government owned and operated.
  8. 2011RN

    Best 2016 President in terms of Nursing Salaries?

    You would think that if we had universal healthcare enacted that it would increase the need for all medical staff everywhere. The influx of the newly insured would place demands on the healthcare system and more staff would be needed to handle that influx which would likely increase salaries. Also universal healthcare would end the need for nurses to stay in jobs where they are unhappy just for the health insurance which would mean working conditions could improve. If we get rid of the ACA entirely we will have a decrease in job availability due to a decrease in the amount of people insured. This would lead to less need for nurses and likely lower salaries. We could also lose coverage for pre-existing conditions and coverage for our children until they are twenty-six years of age if the ACA is ended. This will hurt many people including you if you ever want to change jobs which usually involves changing insurance too.
  9. 2011RN

    Another reason unions suck!

    Wow just wow!
  10. 2011RN

    Another reason unions suck!

    Actually more of your tax dollars go towards corporate welfare not individual or family welfare!!! Also nothing like your tax dollars subsidizing places like Walmart who make millions to billions in profits every year but cannot pay their employees a living wage so they need public assistance just to survive! So tired of people blaming the poor for being poor and totally ignoring the true welfare queens; the corporations!
  11. 2011RN

    Another reason unions suck!

    Expecting reasonable pay or pay increases is not looking for a hand out. Expecting your tax dollars to go towards things that benefit you and your community instead of corporate giants is not looking for a hand out. Fact is you can work your bum off and not get anywhere these days! The cost of healthcare is outrageous and many Americans should they become sick will forever be digging out of the debt they incur.
  12. 2011RN

    Another reason unions suck!

    The few unions that still exist are becoming weaker and weaker. Unions used to be the backbone of the middle class and when they started disappearing so did the middle class. Unions do not always do what is best but they are very very important. They negotiate wages, benefits, time off, overtime and working conditions etc. Without a union you are defenseless against an often corporate machine that will use you up and spit you out with no recourse. A union is a GOOD thing!!
  13. 2011RN

    22,000 Nurses Refuse *Mandatory* Vaccinations

    I have no problems with most vaccines however I have no desire to get the flu vaccine every year. Where I currently work the flu vaccine is not mandatory.
  14. 2011RN

    Bar tending during nursing school?

    I worked as a bartender on the weekends all through nursing school.
  15. 2011RN

    The sloppy image of nurses today

    Working in psych I have no desire to look beautiful or handsome. I am there to work not find a mate.