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    Wilmington, NC

    Thanks for your great reply! I'm still pretty new to this site so I'm not sure how to send someone a message haha. The pay there is a HUGE difference from what I'm currently making! $21/hour is lower than what new grads start here! Where I'm from the size is pretty comparable to Wilmington but there are a couple bigger hospitals here so that helps with competition though. Are there any units that are good to work in and units that I should avoid applying too? I've been looking on the hospitals website and some of the postings just say "staff nurse 5th floor" so I'm not sure what those units are. I think if we are all going to move we'll do it in the spring so we have time to save up some money for the move. Is it hard to get a job there? I'm sure it won't help that I don't have a NC address so I might have to contact HR.

    Wilmington, NC

    Considering moving to Wilmington with some friends in the near future and I'm in search of some information on the area. What's it like to live there? Is it hard to find a RN job there? (All of us have 3+ years of experience) What are the hospitals like to work in? Average pay in the area? What's the best place to live? And anything else that you would like to share! I've looked online but a lot of what I've found was posted quite a few years ago so I'm looking for some accurate information. Thanks in advance!

    New Grads in Sioux Falls

    The job outlook isn't the best if you're looking to work in one of the bigger hospitals in Sioux Falls. They are starting to getting away from hiring ADN's. Clinic jobs have all gone to LPN's with very few RN's. The nursing homes are always hiring. The smaller hospitals in rural towns would most likely be hiring but not for as much as you would make in Sioux Falls. Hope this helps!

    Considering moving to Seattle

    Thanks for all of the information!

    Considering moving to Seattle

    Hello everyone I'm from South Dakota but I'm considering moving to Seattle sometime in the near future. I have always wanted to live there and have heard so many good things about the area. Just wondering what I could expect to make per hour. The cost of living there is a lot higher than what I'm used to here in South Dakota. I will have two years of experience on a med-surg unit in a couple months. Any advice for me?? Good hospitals to work at? Best neighborhoods to live in? I'm a 22 year old so I'd like to live in an area with lots of things going on and where a lot of people around my age live in if that makes any sense haha. What's it like to live in Seattle? I'd be moving alone with most of my friends and family a couple thousand miles away. I've heard about the Seattle Freeze and all of that but I'm not sure how much of that is true. I've researched a couple of the hospitals there. One that caught my eye is Harborview. In August I'll have my BSN so that should help in the job hunt. Just thought I would see what the average pay is in that area so I can see where I could all live apartment wise. Sorry this post is all over the place. New to all nurses!