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  1. Cora_Ann

    Dismissed From Nursing School, Not Sure What To Do Now

    Hospitals and having a BSN are not all that. You are still just as stressed and honestly will not make that much just coming out.
  2. Cora_Ann

    Help getting kicked out have a 4.0

    I'm sorry but what does having a 4.0 have to do with it? You forgot to get a TB test and if you have ever done anything in medicine you would know that you have to have that done regardless.
  3. Cora_Ann

    Dealing with quadras

    Another helpful thing is anytime you go in there try to bring a nurse with you so they can witness what is said. I work in a similar facility and this will save you from them being able to say what you did or didn't do.
  4. Cora_Ann

    I'm a CNA, will I lose my license?

    You left without telling anyone!!! I'm sorry you didn't feel well, but you should have gone to the charge nurse and told them. How would you feel if someone just left and didn't say anything? If you had said something they could have worked on getting coverage so you didn't leave the other CNAs short handed. And what about the CNA that now had to cover your group and theirs?
  5. Cora_Ann

    Issuing a sincere apology...

    I'll admit when I was wrong or frustrated
  6. Cora_Ann

    Issuing a sincere apology...

    I made a post saying LTC nurses were sometimes lazy..and I should have worded it way differently or considered other perspectives. I made it one month working in a hospital and immediately went back to my facility. At the time I made that post my facility was going through a management change, we had a 23 year old wound nurse that was taking two hour breaks with 18 year old CNAs, and we were working with 3 CNAs for the entire building with little team work. Needless to say I was not happy. However I missed the residents and my work family and went back. Loved the experience I got, but it made me realize if I ever commit and go to nursing school LTC is where I will stay. Sorry about the offensive post I was just fed up and it came across wrong
  7. Cora_Ann


    I have had to wear every color of the rainbow; right now we wear hunter green except for Friday's when we can wear what we want. Nurses normally wear royal blue
  8. Cora_Ann

    Did/do you work during LVN/RN school?

    I am very fortunate that the LTC facility I work for allows me 3 eight hour days during the week and one 12 on weekends. So I work 7-3 and then have school 5:30-10:30
  9. Cora_Ann

    40 and starting CNA course

    I have done both LTC and the hospital and honestly I would recommend you try LTC first. Because if you can make it doing that you can handle anything. I really enjoyed the hospital, but it's not all that. In LTC you can build relationships with residents and your coworkers. As much crap as I can talk about LTC it's really a good place to set a foundation.
  10. Cora_Ann

    Needing some advice

    I am one of those hey I will try anything people lol. And I am just want to try something different. I have been a CNA since high school and everyone was always like nursing; but I am just not 100 percent about that and I have always wanted to try this. I think I would rather do this if I like it while I go to nursing school then be a CNA. Talk about burn out. I got a job at the hospital and I love it, but I want a change of pace. I have no kids and I am not married so why not.
  11. Cora_Ann

    Needing some advice

    Yes I know there is a big difference between a paramedic and an EMT. But you have to be an EMT before becoming a paramedic. At least where I live anyway. And I do plan on going on to that
  12. Cora_Ann

    Needing some advice

    Sorry for the lack of info! I am 27, and I live in a relatively small community. I actually went ahead and registered for my local fire houses EMT course . I will continue to work at the hospital as I do this. I am very excited to try something different. Thanks you all for your advice
  13. Cora_Ann

    Needing some advice

    No I am not already in nursing school; and yes I have done ride alongs and liked it. I am trying to decide what would be the best option. And I know in the end only I can decide that lol. I would just like to hear both sides.
  14. Cora_Ann

    Needing some advice

    I always thought I wanted to be either and ER nurse or work in the ICU. However I have been given the opportunity to get my EMT lisence and now I am wondering if I want to take the paramedic route. I would love to hear from y'all that have done both. I finally got my first hospital job after being in LTC and now I am ready for the next step; I am just not sure what that should be!
  15. Cora_Ann

    Sick and tired of wiping butts...HELLP

    Respiratory or any of the mentioned above