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  1. For those accepted to GWCC, have your registered for NUR 101 yet? What time are your classes and clinicals if they told you. They said that there is an evening program at GWCC but I can't seem to find out if it actually a "true" evening program!! TIA!
  2. tanner523

    Credits ever expire?

    Thanks CT Pixie! I spoke with the director of nursing at GWCC and she informed me that only the science classes expire. Therefore, my English Comp. 101 and Gen. Psych. 101 transfer, yay!!
  3. tanner523

    Credits ever expire?

    Hi! I know that at GWCC, the science credits expire, you must take the A&P and Chem. within 5 years. How about general psychology and English Comp? Would these credits ever expire? TIA! :)
  4. tanner523

    Schedule @ GWCC

    Hi everyone! I am starting my research with respect to the nursing program at Gateway Community College. I understand that they have an evening program. I would love it if you any of you current GWCC nursing students could give me an idea of what your school/clinical schedule is like...TIA!!! :)
  5. tanner523


    Hi! For those of you that attend BHSON, I have recently been told that the passing grade has changed to 75 from 80, is this true? Thanks in advance! :)
  6. tanner523

    CT Nursing Shortage

    Thanks for your replies, I feel better!!! I won't be able to start nursing school until 3 more years......I need my littlest child who is now 16 months, to be in school.
  7. tanner523

    CT Nursing Shortage

    Does anyone know how long they have predicted the nursing shortage will be in the state of Connecticut? Just curious to see how long nurses will be needed, by the time I get my degree there will be probably be too many nurses!
  8. tanner523

    Is anyone as scared as me?!

    i went and met with a nursing student who is in her last year, she'll be done in december, 07 of the nursing program i will start sept. 4. she told me that 11 students failed out of nu101 (fundamentals) and 22 failed out of nu104 (med/surg). i think i can vomit everyday until school starts and then everyday until i graduate! ok, maybe i'm being just a little dramatic! is anyone as scared as i am? i mean we all must start nursing school, thinking i can make it, it wont' happen to me, and then boom!!, your done. that's all i keep thinking about......the loans, the prereqs., the time, sacraficies my family made. i have never had this much anxiety about starting a new chapter in my life, not even on my wedding day and nursing is something i want very much. i even play this scenario in my head about failing out and having to tell people! please tell me i am not the only sicko feeling this way!
  9. tanner523

    Starting FIRST WEEK September?

    I start September 4th! The waiting feels like I'm waiting for Christmas, but no presents, just 2 years of pure hell! :-)
  10. tanner523

    Travel Nurses Anyone?

    Is anyone employed through a travel nurse agency and which one is it? TIA!
  11. Good morning everyone! I am starting at BHSN evening program this september 4th, class of 2009!!! :balloons: Here's some things about me........married w/2 children, both girls, one is 3 1/2 yrs. old and my youngest just turned 1 on July 31. I am scared to death to start school!!! I just want to start and get going!
  12. tanner523

    How Will You Stay Organized?

    Thanks everyone for your responses....Daytonite, that post was awesome! I am going to print it and put in my bag so I can started right away! :wink2:
  13. tanner523

    How Will You Stay Organized?

    I have heard time and time again that one major factor in succeeding in nursing school is to stay organized. Anyone want to share their tips for staying organized as school will be starting soon and has started already for some of you! I have purchased 2 3-ring binders and plan to put care plans in one, lab in one and lecture in another. I have flashcards for notes. Other than that, I am at a loss!
  14. tanner523

    Help w/ Stethescope

    Thanks! I was a little worried that I would have to spend $$$$ for one.....some reviews say the less expensive ones are a harder to hear with. I found one called Sprague 5 In One Stethoscope that I think I might purchase, it's only $39.95. I was just confused as to how you know if the stethoscope was adult/pediatric. Did you need to change something...but I figured out (let me know if I'm wrong) that you just need to have a 2 sided chestpiece. Thanks again and I will go check out that thread!
  15. tanner523

    Help w/ Stethescope

    Hello! I need to purchase a stethescope that is adult/pediatric.......has anyone purchased one like this? Please let me know which kind! TIA!!
  16. tanner523

    freaking out

    Music in My Heart has it right on! I didn't find the coloring books that helpful but flashcards were essential! Also, she's right, remember your terminology, if you can understand prefixes and or roots of a word, it will help you to remember what the word means. Also, for our practicals, I would take pictures of the models, print them and write what they were on the back, for histology, I would print out pictures of the tissues that we were required to know, paste them to flash cards and write the answers on the back as well. I cannot stress enough that you have to breathe and relax. I would look at the information, feel completely overwhelmed and freak!! I wasted my time saying that it was impossible to learn all this! Also, try to study a little bit a day, you don't realize all the information you retain....good luck!