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  1. Bumex

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Sounds like a red to me. I always like a red to go with my nursing stories at night.
  2. Bumex

    Hey, Depaul MENP graduates...

    I will say, three years after my initial remarks, the MENP program has actually benefitted me greatly. Roughly summer of 2016 was when I really started seeing all the benefits of doing masters entry RN. I was promoted rapidly after my two years of experience and got higher paying jobs.
  3. Bumex

    Nurses Liability Insurance: Yes or No

    I have always carried personal liability insurance. I wouldn't trust a facility's malpractice insurance to not throw someone under the bus. I've already encountered some shady business to try and manipulate documentation on events to shift focus of blame. Thorough documentation and malpractice insurance is a must.
  4. Bumex

    Hey, Depaul MENP graduates...

    No problem, totally agree though, future NPs need the bedside experience!
  5. Bumex

    Hey, Depaul MENP graduates...

    Noyesno- just to clarify, the OP is talking about the ADN v MENP program at DePaul, which is masters entry to nursing practice (RN MSN program, w/o NP component). I went through this program, worked a few years and now am in NP school.
  6. Bumex

    Hey, Depaul MENP graduates...

    Don't do ADN, the push now is to only hire BSN graduates. I rarely find places that hire ADNs in acute care now. In fact, I have plenty of friends that have gone that route, and ended up doing their BSN since they couldn't find jobs.
  7. Bumex

    Hey, Depaul MENP graduates...

    Choose the cheaper degree. I'm in so much debt from that program it's ridiculous. No difference in pay or respect (at least not two years out). Maybe down the road it will be better, but not yet have I seen any real benefits. The program itself is alright, but I doubt it's any better than anything else.