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  1. lovethjja

    MDS Cheat Sheet

    pls can you send me one at mlugard230@gmail.com. thank you.
  2. lovethjja

    Passed My Hesi Exit on First Try... Here's How!

    Hey Guys I took it three times and did not make it. Every one treat me like I am the worst thing on earth. I was not allowed to take it over again. All the years, money and hard working all went down the drain.
  3. lovethjja

    HESI HELL!!! 2-17-15

    I failed Hesi too, I did not pass and I did not graduate. Now I do not know what to do. To get into another nursing program , I have to start all over, The only thing I can transfer is my prerequisites. Four years of my life including the money is all a waste . I am devastated. Does anyone know how I can go into LPN with this. I passed all my nursing classes but fail Hesi exit. and I finished all BSN courses. It is really wrong what nursing is doing to people like me.
  4. lovethjja

    HESI HELL!!! 2-17-15

    We can study together, I fail too and I am trying to see if my school will allow me to retake.
  5. Hello Pk nurse, Thank you so much for your advice, I have never seen an advice so clear. God bless you. I am currently in nursing school , will be graduating next year and I see your advice very helpful. Is it possible for me to buy your Saunders book. thanks love.
  6. lovethjja

    Mean/Competitive nursing school classmates

    Hello Collen, I have the same exeprince with nursing students in my school. They are very evil and will do anything to bring their fellow students down. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I just wonder that may be it has to do with the state I am living in right now. How can someone with such dirty mind be able to care for a patient. One day, one of our professor was telling us how to be loving and caring for our patients. I raised my hand and asked her how this can be achieve if the students hates each other, I said that it is important that we care for one another because charity begins at home. I think it is very bad how nursing schools are breading hatred. it is just wrong because nursing required team work and people have to get along inorder to work together.