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  1. littleCOOKIEgrabbers

    Taking 20 credit hours?

    I took A&P, Micro and sociology (plus yoga, lol) in one semester and it was difficult for me but I still got good grades. If you had tacked on Chemisty and a world hist and English class I probably would have gone crazy. But I am also a returning student (was 37 years old) so I was trying to wrap my brain around how to do school again. I also have 3 kids. So if you are a recent high school graduate without kids, living at home without bills to worry about, then you might be able to pull it off.
  2. littleCOOKIEgrabbers

    Ivy Tech LPN-ASN Spring 2016

    I am in the LPN to Rn transition program at the Indy campus. Almost everyone that applies gets accepted each year. This year (we started summer 2015) they said there were 40 people to apply. They took 30. Out of those 30, 5 ended up not accepting that spot because of either being accepted at a closer school or whatever reason. So they took another 5. So basically only 5 out of the 40 did not get in. My grades and those of many others I spoke to were NOT perfect. Got a 79 on the TEAS and had all B's. I had also applied at 4 other campuses and was an alternate to all of those. Indy was the one I was directly accepted to. Luckily it was my first choice anyway. I was told in several previous years that everyone was accepted at the Indy campus. It just isn't nearly as competitive for the transition program in comparison to the ASN/LPN programs.
  3. littleCOOKIEgrabbers

    LPN to RN program, IVY TECH , South bend

    I applied to the lawrence campus and anderson/muncie campus. The next 2 weeks will be a long wait.
  4. littleCOOKIEgrabbers

    Indianapolis LPN's Only

    I am a new nurse and I was just offered a job at an American Senior Communities facility in Indianapolis for $18.50/hr plus a $2 (second shift) differential = $20.50/hr.
  5. littleCOOKIEgrabbers

    I feel like I'm too old for this

    Too old?????? No way! I WISH I had gone through nursing school when I was your age. Here I am, 36 years old and will be starting the LPN program later this month. I will be one of the "older" students. I bet I will be one of the most determined because I spent too many years doing a job that I hated and I know how much I want it. I am soooooo happy that I will finally be able to do what I have always dreamed of.
  6. littleCOOKIEgrabbers


    I go this Friday and I am soooo excited and nervous.