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  1. sgrondahl

    Paramedics in the hospital setting

    I think that in CA they increased their ability to do more here now. In our area we have EMTs that work in the ER now. Great resources.
  2. sgrondahl

    Excited to see this Rural Nursing!

    Hi. I have all my pre-req work done and just waiting to get accepted. This is the area that I wanted to work in: Rural/Public Health sector, so I was really happy to see a whole section dedicated to this important work!
  3. sgrondahl

    Taking TEAS Next Week

    Can anyone recommend some prep books on the TEAS V? Thank you ahead of time.
  4. sgrondahl

    I feel like I'm too old for this

    Ernest, great point guy! I am 56; comments like this just get me going!!!! Seriously. She just got the ability to buy a glass of wine two years ago... too old? Just out of diapers a few years ago is more like it. Give me a break.
  5. sgrondahl

    I feel like I'm too old for this

    Give me a break. Be 56. Seriously. Not even funny.
  6. sgrondahl

    Teas V Exam

    thx-this helps alot!
  7. sgrondahl

    Single mom, wanting to be a nurse

    Hey belledandy27 Being "dumb" is NOT going to school. That is the easy way out. It is hard; especially with kids. But it is even MORE IMPORTANT because you are a D/V survivor. Going back to school and getting your RN will help them learn what is really important. Hang in there. You can find another school with no waiting list like I did. Ours had a horrible 3 year wait too. So, I transferred to a nearby school that doesn't have a waiting list. Hope I get in!! (see my other post too)
  8. sgrondahl

    Single mom, wanting to be a nurse

    First of all: CONGRATULATIONS FOR GETTING YOUR GED!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB, THERE GAL!!!!!! Well, all I have to say, is that if you are too old at 30 to go get your RN, I might as well not finish my application that I just received from my university, since I am 55+.... NOT. I just graduated last week - the oldest person at my graduation of some 400+ folks: 78 years old. She could barely make it back to her seat, as I grabbed her arm when her legs were getting unstable and she couldn't walk in a straight line anymore. I asked her if she was tired, and she said she was exhausted - but SHE DID IT! I wonder if she thought "she was too old" to try? YOU need to do this, FOR YOURSELF (1) and (2) to show your children how IMPORTANT THEIR EDUCATION IS FOR THEM! It really makes an impact on the kids when everyone is at the kitchen table doing their homework. Besides, when they need help on their Algebra, you will be able to help them!! Good luck. Push forward. Even on the days you think it is too hard to complete. One day at a time and you will have your College degree and be in Nursing School too!
  9. sgrondahl

    Praise The Lord! I passed the RN-NCLEX

    Good Job!! I am transferring to an all-Christian university next semester. Prayer for nursing school the following semester. I am nervous, but pushing forward. Congratulations again! Blessings.
  10. sgrondahl

    Nursing Program for Low GPA

    MA-->LVN-->RN is one way. I have a friend that is getting ready to apply to Nursing school (AS) and has worked her way up. You'd be surprised what you will learn on the way. Plus, it probably makes understanding the subject matter easier; if you get stuck on something, there are probably tons of folks to ask... Just a thought. Keep up with the good work. Everyone learns at a different pace, and many people encounter this problem when they start Jr. College and "life" gets in their way. You just have to stick with it, and push forward. At my graduation, the speaker had a good analogy: brick walls get in our way to see how bad you REALLY want to achieve that goal. Think of those grades as your brick wall. You can get over the wall, but it is going to take some effort on your part, but NOTHING that you CAN'T DO! My Physio teacher's website has this quote, hope it helps: Ghandi Wishing you the best of luck.
  11. sgrondahl

    Planning before nursing school starts...

    My plan, is to not have anything planned. Hope my four (4) legged "kids" understand their walk time will be drastically reduced...
  12. sgrondahl

    Confusing shoe restrictions!

    Hi. I am not yet (next semester) in nursing school, but the closed back; closed toe/foot is an OSHA requirement for industries. It is the same if you work in a warehouse for example. The closed toe is for obvious reasons, if something falls on you - you will keep your toes. The leather is probably to prevent spills/body fluids I would think. The closed back is to prevent things from hitting your Achilles tendon. Hope this helps. Any suggestions for wide-flat feet? Like a (now) size 10ish but really wide? thanks
  13. sgrondahl

    Why are people uncomfortable talking about mental health?

    I was going to say the same thing. Talking about mental health is akin to people talk about death. Most people are not comfortable talking about either subject. It's a fear thing.
  14. sgrondahl

    Why are people uncomfortable talking about mental health?

    Didn't our President just sign the "no pre-exisiting conditions" law?
  15. sgrondahl

    May 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Why does EVERYONE think their problem is an emergency... Geez....
  16. sgrondahl

    I got in!!!!

    Congratulations!! Good job. I just found this website today. It is great. I am just finishing up my pre-reqs now. I have Micro in the fall, then I apply to Nursing School. I hope all my efforts pay off, and I get accepted; if not, I will try again. Congrats again!