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CowboyMedic BSN, RN

Medical-Surgical-Neuro ICU
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CowboyMedic has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medical-Surgical-Neuro ICU.

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  1. CowboyMedic

    Bryan College of Health CRNA Program 2020

    How's everyone doing? Nerves hitting anyone yet? I'll finish up my 3 days at 7 am and then I'll spend Wednesday night, all day Thursday, and Friday morning reviewing everything for the interview. 8 hour drive Friday evening with the wife which be spent with her asking interview questions. Then interview on Saturday morning. If all goes like last year then we should know on Monday or Tuesday, hopefully!!! Who else is interviewing on Saturday morning?
  2. CowboyMedic

    Gonzaga University/Sacred Heart Medical Center CRNA Program 2020

    Congrats. Gonzaga is a stellar program. Hopefully they are sending out emails still.
  3. CowboyMedic

    Mount Marty CRNA

  4. CowboyMedic

    Gonzaga University/Sacred Heart Medical Center CRNA Program 2020

    Any interviews for you? I've only heard from 1 out of 3 schools that I have applications in with.
  5. CowboyMedic

    Gonzaga University/Sacred Heart Medical Center CRNA Program 2020

    I worked last night so I've been waking up every once and a while and checking my email. My heart about dropped when I saw someone reply to this thread. My instant thought was did someone get notified and I didn't. Good to know I'm not the only.
  6. CowboyMedic

    Mount Marty CRNA Program - Sioux Falls, SD

    Has anyone heard anything yet? I keep checking my email and mail way too much. I saw a reddit post from last year that they got notifications by mail.
  7. CowboyMedic

    Gonzaga University/Sacred Heart Medical Center CRNA Program 2020

    If they keep the same schedule as last year then we should expect interview email notifications on Wednesday. They notify people that get interviews by email and then send rejection letter through the mail.
  8. CowboyMedic

    Bryan College of Health CRNA Program 2020

    I've looked but cant find when they switched over to a DNAP.
  9. CowboyMedic

    Union University CRNA 2020

    I have three apps out right now, Union will make #4. I will apply to probably two others if I don't get into those 4. The University of Tulsa is getting pretty close to finalizing their program but applications wouldn't be accepted till Spring of 2020 for a Fall 2020 start. I do have an interview coming up though and I interviewed last year with Union so hopefully I'll get another this year and better prepare myself than I did last year. Jackson is a really nice town. I drove around it quite a bit when I went there last year for my interview.
  10. CowboyMedic

    Union University 2019

    When did you interview? I interviewed in November with the priority deadline.
  11. CowboyMedic

    Any MSN programs left?

    All programs must be at DNP when classes start Jan 1 2022 for the 2025 deadline which doesn't leave much time for the MSN programs to switch over to DNP. You are seeing more and more switching each year in preparation for the AANA 2025 mandate. A few that I have looked at apply to that were MSN last year are seeking their DNP accreditation this year.
  12. CowboyMedic

    Union University CRNA 2020

    3.18 Overall GPA 3.79 Science GPA 3.64 Last 100 HR's 3 1/2 years Med-Surg-Neuro ICU, 11 months SDICU, 7 years Paramedic BLS/ACLS/PALS/CCRN 298 GRE (153V, 145Q), 3.5W 40 hrs of shadowing - This is a new requirement, they wanted shadowing but didn't have a specific number of hours last year. SDICU Charge experience, MSNICU Preceptor experience
  13. CowboyMedic

    Union University CRNA 2020

    Starting a new thread for those that will be applying to Union University for the Fall 2020 class in Jackson, TN.
  14. CowboyMedic

    Union University 2019

    I will be. I just need to finish the support documention and upload it to NursingCAS. I applied last year as well. I'm going to start a new thread for 2020 and we can post in it.
  15. CowboyMedic

    Aspiring CRNA student

    3.0 is the minimum requirement. Many people have gotten in with lower than a 3.5.
  16. CowboyMedic

    Accepted to CRNA School, but...

    I would say it would all depend on when they want you to put up a spot acceptance fee. This is normally around $1000 that is part of your tuition that says I'm taking a spot in the class. Schools only give you a few weeks to decide if your keeping your spot in the upcoming class. You can always put up that acceptance fee and still continue to interview and know that you have a spot in a program. If you got accepted to more than one school then you would have to decide from that point of is it worth paying another acceptance fee to another to be admitted to the other program that you might like better. Just know that if you paid a acceptance fee to school A but the got accepted to school B and like it better, you would still have to pay an acceptance fee to school B and you would lose your acceptance fee at school A when you tell them your not coming. I hope this make sense.