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  1. Meme_RN18


    Update: I started the RN to BSN program at APU online. Base cost is about 18k, but because APU holds an academic agreement with my community college which I graduated with my ADN, I was able to get it down to about 16k. It’s about eight classes total and you take two classes a semester (one class at a time.) Very manageable with work and family so far.
  2. Hey everyone, Currently doing research regarding APU's RN to BSN program. Anyone attend? How did you like it? Pro's and Con's?
  3. Meme_RN18

    WGU BSN to NP?

    Just because it's CCNE accredited doesn't mean it will guarantee your entry into NP school. Many of the public universities across the United States are competitive. You cannot earn a 4.0 through WGU. WGU's pass/fail competency grading system converts to a 3.0 for most schools and even lower for others such as CSUF. I just want to ensure that if I do attend WGU to save money that I still have descent options for NP programs at a public or non for profit private university. So far I've found a few universities. Thanks everyone for your information.
  4. Meme_RN18

    WGU BSN to NP?

    Anyone else out there know of any online NP programs that will accept BSN from WGU?
  5. Meme_RN18

    WGU BSN to NP?

    Are these programs online? I currently live in the state of California. I wouldn't mind finding my own preceptor and completing my education online for NP.
  6. Meme_RN18

    WGU BSN to NP?

    Hello everyone. I'm currently in my final semester of RN school and wanted to start a thread regarding NP programs that take WGU BSN. I've already applied to a Cal State University for spring 2019 and will hear back next month. I would honestly prefer to attend WGU and finish at my own pace and save thousands of dollars. I'm just concerned that my options may be limited for NP programs after completing my Bsn at WGU. Can anyone share what NP schools they got into with a Bsn from WGU? Thank you kindly!
  7. Meme_RN18

    RCC Spring 2019

    Hello future nursing students! I'm currently in my last semester at RCC! I must say it has been quite a journey, but it truly goes by fast! I'm selling my 18 inch husky rolling backpack for 40 dollars if anyone is interested. I used it for one semester and you can hardly tell it's used. Hope you are all successful on your nursing journey!!!!
  8. Meme_RN18

    Cal Baptist ADN to MSN Spring 2019

    Greetings everyone. I just wanted to start a thread for anyone applying to CBU's ADN to MSN program for spring 2019 or for anyone who has applied in the past. I'm currently in my fourth semester (four of five) of nursing school. Anticipate graduating this December and hope there are others out there interested in the program as well.
  9. Meme_RN18

    Rcc fall 2017 applicants

    I had 85 points when I applied. The application period for spring 2017 was very competitive during the time. It's not always like that though, so don't worry. I purchased the husky rolling tool bag from Home Depot. If you sign up for the SMS alerts regarding sales you will receive a five dollar off coupon which I used. I would not recommend the 14 inch because you cannot fit much in there. If you typically don't bring much to campus, the 14 inch might be just right for you. However, keep in mind that nursing school changes a lot of habits so you might find yourself bringing much more than expected to campus. I would still purchase a rolling bag even if you have a laptop because you will need to bring binders, notebooks, other supplies, and possibly other books that aren't in ebook format. Wearing a backpack with all these items can hurt your back. Coursepoints offer the ebook online with the content so do not purchase the book AND coursepoints, it will be a waste. For example, if you are required to purchase fundamental nursing coursepoints, do not purchase a fundamentals textbook because the textbook will be available online with your coursepoints.
  10. Meme_RN18

    Rcc fall 2017 applicants

    Greetings everyone. I just finished my first semester of nursing school at RCC and I must say it was a great experience. My biggest tips are buy a good rolling backpack such as the husky rolling tollbag, purchase a printer if you don't already own one, SAVE MONEY NOW (you will have so much to purchase before the program starts.), rent books or purchase used books to save money, and develop/research organization tips for nursing school. Good luck you guys !!!
  11. Meme_RN18

    University of Phoenix RN-BSN |+ future

    Hello! I am also looking into the uop RN to BSN possibly since two of the universities that I want to attend for PA school will honor the degree. I am currently set to start the RN program at RCC this spring. Have you made a decision yet?
  12. Meme_RN18

    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    How fast can you graduate with university of Phoenix concurrent enrollment work and how much is tuition with the discount?
  13. Meme_RN18

    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    I know this is probably thinking way ahead. But do you guys think we can take the NCLEX the same month we graduate? I know paperwork has to be sent off and processed and such. But I'm trying to take the NCLEX as soon as possible.
  14. Meme_RN18

    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    Are you guys in ??? One huge word of advice. Please start on immunizations now if you haven't done so already!
  15. Meme_RN18

    Riverside City College: Spring 2017

    Hey what kind of stethoscope were you required to purchase for the program? I know some go for the expensive Littman, but I wanted to know if the cheap one is okay?