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  1. teresab_2000

    Greensboro anyone?

    My family and I have been considering relocating fron CT to NC. We came down and looked at Charlotte and Concord which is right outside the city. Have been searching around and found greensboro and it seems like it might be a place for us. So what's it like? How is nursing in the area? What are pay rates? I've been a nurse for 3 years, worked in medicine for 2 and postpartum for 1. How is housing? Crime? Good place to raise kids?:wink2: :wink2:
  2. Just wondering if anyone has done this. I thought it would be a good way for us to live somewhere else and for me to have a travel experience. Pros or cons? I have a husband and 2 young children that would be going with me.
  3. teresab_2000

    Age when you had your first child?

    #1 I was 21. #2 I am 23 almost 24 (just had her 2 weeks ago). Fortunately I finished my 2 year nursing program right as I found out I was pg with #1. I am happy to have my kids this young and have no regrets.
  4. teresab_2000

    Anyone work weekends only?

    I just had my second baby and am considering taking a position when I return to work working weekends only. The pay is great and I would be able to stay home with my kids during the week. The negative is not being home on weekends when my husband is off and I could miss a lot. Anyone work weekends only? What do you like/dislike? Teresa
  5. teresab_2000

    Any baylors here?

    Hi, I'm currently in search of a baylor nursing job only working weekends due to the fact that i just had a baby and want to be home more. Any advice from those who are currently doing this? How do you like it? How does your family take you always working weekends? Teresa
  6. teresab_2000

    Going back after maternity leave advice

    Hi, I've been on maternity leave for almost 8 weeks now and unfortunately will be going back to work on Sunday:o . After much debating I realized that I needed to go back to work because we need the money. Well despite the fact that I'm sad to leave my baby, I'm afraid to go back. A little background: I work on a medical floor and have for about 6 months before having my baby. This is my first job so I didn't really feel all that comfortable when I left being a new grad and all. Now coming back after 2 months being off I'm afraid I've forgotten everything. Well I know I couldn't forget everything, but I'm sure I've forgotten some things like some procedures, meds, etc. I'm just scared I'm gonna come back and make a bad mistake or something. I'm really afraid because now I have a baby to come home to. Any advice on how to ease my transition? Teresa
  7. Hi, just looking for advise from those that have worked while being pregnant. I have gotten to the point where none of my scrub tops fit. I hate to buy giant scrubs for three more months. Any advice? Teresa
  8. teresab_2000

    I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I woke up this morning and checked my results. The page that had were you pay the 8 bucks was there and I freaked!!! I paid and it said pass!!!!!!!! I am so happy that I am officially an RN. Good luck to everyone waiting. My buddy I went with is at work right now and I have to work at 3p and I can't wait to tell her they are up! Thanks to everyone cheering for me! Teresa
  9. HI, I took the NCLEX yesterday and think I failed. The computer stopped at 105 or 106 questions and I felt it was pretty hard. I came home and looked up some of the "easy" questions I remembered and got them wrong. Just wondering cause everyone seems to pass with 75 or 265 questions. Teresa
  10. teresab_2000

    2003- Who's graduating this year?

    Hello everybody! Just wanted to see who else is graduating this year. Despite the fact that I don't know how I got this far and that sometimes I don't think I will make it, I hope I will. I graduate May 9th. Good luck to everyone! Teresa
  11. teresab_2000

    Question for postpardum nurses

    Thanks so much everybody. Sorry for the incorrect spelling. I think I'm going to do a nurse shadowing experience there sometime in the near future. Teresa
  12. teresab_2000

    Question for postpardum nurses

    Hi, My name is Teresa and I will be graduating with my associates in May. I have been interested in OB nursing ever since I started school. I took on an intership on an LDRP this summer and loved it but don't know if L&D is for me. Honestly, I think I'm scared of the major responsibility and I don't think my assessment skills are high enough to start in this area. I was thinking of taking a job at a large hospital in my area (Yale New Haven Hospital) in postaprdum. My question is what is the role of a postaprdum nurse? Do you have to float to L&D? What types of patients do you see? Do you feel that you are able to keep your med/surg skills in this area? Do you feel its a good place for a new grad to start? Thanks in advance! Teresa
  13. teresab_2000

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    What exactly is this supposed to mean? So now we are picking on specific cultures now? I've heard that name around and none of the people were black. Teresa
  14. teresab_2000

    Anyone here work in an LDRP?

    Hi, I just started an inetrnship in an LDRP and was looking for any advice on learning both sides (L&D and PP). Teresa
  15. teresab_2000

    Another shoes question

    Hi, this might sound stupid but I have seen lots of people wearing these clogs in the hospital and I would really love to get a pair and I was wondering if they can be found online and if anyone can help me. I will try to explain what they look like: they are like this clear plastic but they are not birki's or those other hard plastic clogs with a heel. They don't really have a heel and I have seen them in clear, pink, and even clear green on some people. Sorry again for asking, but I love these clogs! Thx, Teresa