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I might talk a lot about waiting tables, because that's what I've done for nearly 20 years. My interest in science led me to nursing. I think it's a good fit.

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  1. bunnysanford

    Jewish Nurses Take Care of Synagogue Shooter

    I work at one of the other EDs in Pittsburgh, and we received 5 patients injured in the shooting that morning (I wasn't there; I was working night shift). When I heard that AGH had taken care of the shooter, I knew they had probably the toughest job of all. I hope they're receiving at least the same level of support from the community and elsewhere that we have. We've had food delivered to our ED signed, "Love, Squirrel Hill" and from nursing units in a few hospitals around the country. A Pre-K class in the area made and sent cards with adorable crayon pictures and "thank you for helping" messages (which were promptly hung in the hall). The kindness has been overwhelming, and now I want to send AGH something because I wonder if they may not have had the support we had based on who was sent to them.
  2. bunnysanford

    1test determines it all/so unfair!

    One resource that really helped me was a podcast at nrsng.com The guy does a whole series of med of the day podcasts that are like 5-10 minutes each, just all the important info. I was able to download the ones I wanted onto my phone and listen to them on headphones as I was doing stuff around the house. I agree with you that ATI proctored tests are very different from the practice ones in terms of content, but the question structure is close enough (though sometimes there are some totally out-there questions). Good luck!
  3. bunnysanford

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    Ha, I think the strategy with weight loss pet food is to simply charge so much for it that you feed them less to save money.
  4. bunnysanford

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    Ohhhhh, I love the little fur tufts between kitty paws.
  5. bunnysanford

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    Looks like Brittany's been camming! I love Tiffy's bliss face! Let's see if I have any cute pictures of my babes floating around... Grace likes to drink out of the bathtub. This is my favorite picture of Oscar. Ixchel - I am happy this got revived! Friday night squeals!
  6. bunnysanford

    How do you feel about care plans?

    I ended up loving care plans by the end of school. It was like putting a puzzle together. When I started out, they used to take me hours, but as I got better, they took less and less time. There are a lot of really helpful posts here.
  7. bunnysanford

    why do many MAs and CNAs call themselves nurses?

    Someone posted just a few posts before me that they were vegan but that spiders made them go from 0-100, or along those lines. Honestly, with raccoons, I think it's the garbage-digging paws and maybe the eyes. I would never try to cause one harm, and even feel sad for the roadkill raccoons. However, I can coexist with spiders, and finding one in or around my house would not cause alarm. A raccoon would cause me to pack my bags and move away. Or stay in a hotel until it was gone.
  8. bunnysanford

    why do many MAs and CNAs call themselves nurses?

    I'm vegan and love spiders. They're just little critters, trying to live their life. I love the spider meme that has been going around about how good they are, but the spider in the photos is not one that arachnophobes could really feel great about, so I'll spare you. Now, raccoons. Raccoons are creepy.
  9. bunnysanford

    NCLEX "OCTOBER 13, 2015 Pearson Vue trick.Good popup vs Bad

    I think I had a seizure, just reading. ☺️ The more you keep doing the PVT, the more chances you have of it taking your money. Stop risking it and wasting your time. It really is no more useful than a Magic 8 Ball. Go blow bubbles or have a drink or play a game or talk to the people who love you, and wait. I wish you the best of luck; I know the first time must have sucked.
  10. bunnysanford

    Found myself in quite the pickle.. (Poll)

    Yep, interview! Especially if you've been doing well in school to this point, there's not much that missing the first day can really hurt. My school did a similar 3-day, but through ATI, and the first day was the least useful, talking about the structure of NCLEX and its questions, and running through a few basic questions to get us warmed up.
  11. Well, the name from the article doesn't turn up any license number in PA. Which is a relief, whether it's the same person or not.
  12. bunnysanford

    Is nursing for me?

    Excellent suggestion! I'll add two books to the list that I liked. Critical Care - Theresa Brown I read this just before starting nursing school, and several times during the course of school (and it was nice to see how much more of it I really understood each time I read it). She has a new book out that I haven't read yet, that my friend is one of the patients in, so I'm looking forward to reading it. How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School - Kelli Dunham This is a nice, friendly guide for students and those considering nursing school. Some of it is a little outdated, but most of it rings true, and I referred to it many times over the last few years. I got her follow-up book about the first year as a nurse shortly after I graduated.
  13. bunnysanford

    Need feedback

    I took an online art appreciation class for my humanities elective my last semester of school. It was fairly painless for me. At my school, that was one of the few online options for humanities classes. But you know who could really help you out with this? An advisor at your school.
  14. bunnysanford

    Accreditation/ Job Opportunities

    It took a little digging on their website, but it appears that this school does not have the appropriate CCNE or NLN accreditation. You should be able to take NCLEX (if you jump through all their other hoops), but as far as furthering your education, you should probably consider other schools. Also, just their name sounds fake. I wouldn't put that on my resume, even if everything else about them sounded legit. And it doesn't. Run! I looked at the website more, and can't stress this enough: RUN! High-cost, no real accreditation, and that should tell you enough. Get the best grades you can in this semester of pre-reqs to increase your chances of getting into a real, accredited school.
  15. bunnysanford

    Rant - How should *I* know?

    Confession: All day long all I've wanted to do was put a nurse cap on Roseanne's head, and C and L on either side of the glasses, so that this could look like Farawyn's avatar. I need to find the app that will let me do this kind of thing!
  16. Who is Pinterest Quote?