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  1. tailsspin

    Not sure this environment is for me

    Actually, it's about the patients! At least that's how I feel. Just got taken to the director's office 2 more times this week. When I told her (the director) I felt as though I was being sexually discriminated against, she smirked at me and then it turned into a big grin and then a laugh. They're wearing me down.
  2. tailsspin

    Not sure this environment is for me

    I understand where you are coming from completely, and you are right that I should not neglect to scrutinize myself with diligence. When considering my own actions I take pride in being objective as I can. I have always taken a strong stance on owning my own mistakes. For instance, I was late to a lab one day and two instructors later took me aside to ask why I was late. I told them that I failed to schedule my time appropriately and that I have no excuse for my actions but would like to own my mistake and instead of offering excuses, to offer an apology for my actions. Anyway. I am confident in my actions. I have made mistakes both in my life and in my student nursing. I know what those mistakes are, and this case I am being disciplined for is not one of them. I'm not trying to spark debates or incite anyone - honestly the whole point of this is just to vent some frustration and maybe elicit some encouraging words. How's that for honesty? Thanks for letting me whine on here.
  3. tailsspin

    Not sure this environment is for me

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I just got done getting reamed by my instructor and program coordinator in her office (ya, nice 2v1). The nurse that wrote my bogus review was apparently contacted and she had no further information to provide than her vague blanket statements. I'm still the liar though because I can't justify what she wrote on her behalf? The program is more concerned with the public face of their school than defending their students apparently. I asked if I could elicit reviews from my patients or their families (similar to the paper that our nurses fill out about us) if they desired. They said that is strictly prohibited and they "weren't sure what action we'd have to take in that case." Great, so I can have nurses say lies about me but I'm not allowed to get writing from anyone else that says anything to the contrary? Apparently I "do and say inappropriate things" but nobody that has accused me of these actions can say what those actions actually were. They revoked my ER rotation. They say that all these punishments and papers they force me to sign saying how bad I am are for "my benefit." It's obvious CYA for them for if/when they finally get rid of me. Yeesh. Gonna be a long last year. Thanks again for the kind words. I'll try to keep my head down and plow through it. I keep thinking "and these people are nurses? the most 'caring and selfless members of our society?'"
  4. I'm currently a in second semester of my junior year. This semester I've been experiencing constant discrimination from my female instructors and nurses at clinical. At the start of the semester 2 of the clinical instructors decided I'm not fit to work in their field so they've been constantly riding me. It started when they would pester me, asking questions like, "Are you sure you want to be a nurse? I don't think you do." They've also made comments such as, "You don't have the character for this, you're not going to make it. You just have the wrong attitude." Apart from the verbal abuse, my instructor has made me redo half of my long notes because I got 1-2 things wrong. Other students who left things out or missed things just had to go back and fill them in, no problem. Redoing a long note is an easy 6+ hours of work. Female nurses in my clinicals treat me like poo (other students as well, but I've had some outstanding experiences). For one of my unit reviews my nurse went as far as to fabricate situations to say that I behaved inappropriately and asked inappropriate questions. She said during a tracheostomy I said inappropriate things...reality: I stood with my back against the wall in complete silence for the entire procedure. I'm sick of being told I'm not good enough by everyone in my profession. Why can't I just be a nurse and care for people? I've never had a complaint from a patient and have had several patients tell me that I've provided better care than any of the nurses they'd had. I'm a married, unattractive male and ask questions because I want to learn; none of that seems to appeal to these women. They seem mostly to want hot, single guys they can drool over, or if you are a hot doctor they whisper can about what sex positions they'd do him in (trust me, I've heard it). Another guy in my program is having some similar experiences, but the 6'3" hunky guy in our class as it easy; the women just melt in his hands and he can do no wrong. That's fine, I don't need that treatment, I just don't want to be treated like crap. I'm just not sure what to do at this point. I enjoy caring for patients and it's incredibly fulfilling. This program has been far and beyond the worst experience of my life and I genuinely regret it. I'm afraid that when I am in the field it will be no different. Why isn't nursing about the patients?