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  1. Had to research: tested 7/28, posted 9/3. I would check tomorrow.
  2. Depends on when you took your NCLEX, when you mailed back the letter from the PVL with payment, and after it is received it waits for the next BON meeting for official approval. Meeting dates are posted on the BON website.
  3. puamelia

    LPN Student who Needs Job - Should I stay in school?

    Everyone is different so I suggest you sit down and figure out what you really are willing and able to do. I sat down with my husband and we decided we would have the baby first. He worked FT, I worked PT and took prerequisite courses while we waited 5 years for the younger kid to get into in school so we wouldn't need to get daycare. I signed up for scholarships and student loans and got straight A's to qualify for a very competitive (and cheap) community college. When I did get in, I worked right after lectures, and right after clinicals. I pulled anywhere from 10-35 hours a week. I used PTO when I couldn't work my 20. I used a lot of that time to catch up on sleep. Good thing I saved up all that vacation time! It was crazy and I was tired, but after 2 years I am an RN, and will be a 45-year-old RN-BSN by May!!! If you stay in school, work out a schedule, find a job that doesn't cancel you (save up money), and schedule in down time and catch up time (because stuff falls off the plate when it's full). My schedule is super full but flexible, and I schedule in family time and try to give myself a lot of time to finish early. Haven't missed a deadline or lost my mind, completely (yet!) Otherwise set a future goal and don't be discouraged. Time really does fly. Just see what works best for you and be honest. Best of luck!
  4. puamelia

    End Of Life Conversations With Families

    Thank you for your wonderful insight. I'm currently taking an End of Life class as an elective and planning on reading Atul Gawande's book, Being Mortal (we were required to watch a video of his for one of the assignments). I think it's important to have the conversation about death and dispel the fear and the myths that drive fear.
  5. puamelia

    KCC ADN - Fall 2013

    LOL you and I posted similar threads back in 2013 and no one answered me....
  6. Are you finishing your first semester of KCC's ADN program? Do you still have some ways to go? Maybe you're graduating? Or did you graduate already? If you answered yes to any of these, I need you, so read on! Most of the posts around here are about getting in to nursing school. What I'm hoping is for some of you who have gone before us to give us some insight about the next step: what we're in for. I'm sure many of us who have been accepted into the Fall 2013 KCC ADN program are wondering some of the same things (especially because it's taking forever for orientation day to come!). Some things that I am curious about are: 1) What was a typical week like? 2) Any advice on anything? Study tips? Tools or guides? Your fav support socks? 3) Did they offer any package deals for scrub pants or equipment, or should I go ahead and start hunting online? I know we are required to purchase the tops for clinicals and lab from the bookstore so that's limited, but a colorful littmann could bring a smile to my day. 4) Anyone selling anything? I hope we'll find out if we're doing ebooks or paper books at orientation on June 7 so I can go ahead and start buying my books. Thank you all for helping a newbie. I really appreciate all of your insight, so please feel free to add anything that you think will help. Aloha!
  7. puamelia

    KCC ADN FALL 2013

    Congrats Anita920! looking forward to seeing you! Probably better to go with the ADN if you're shooting for RN eventually. Congrats kaanoi! The MEPN program RNS sit for boards after a year so I understand your concern. I think since you have nurse aide training you'll a little background and a lot of the posts say your hands-on learning is more from your preceptors so I would just do as much as you can in your clinicals. I agree, alt list can be great!
  8. Congratulations! It's not an easy feat to get in. I've been working on prereqs for 4 years. I decided to go into nursing because of my family, and I want the best for me, my husband and our children. I got accepted on my second try. I choose the ADN program over the BSN because it has a built-in bridge to BSN after graduation, it costs less, and the schedule works better for me. I'm excited and nervous but am trying to contain myself until the orientation in June. To prepare, I am taking pharmacology this summer so I don't have to take it with my nursing courses. I've already got the textbook for that, and am reading ahead. I've been online a lot, ” window shopping” for supplies, scrubs, texts, laptops, and stalking these boards. I've been dreaming big, reading a guide to nursing school, and also looked up my 1st semester profs on ratemyprofessor.com. 2-3 years will fly by, I know, although it will seem to crawl through the rough spots. I give thanks for all the support from family and friends, and from all of you here who are discussing, confirming, refuting and advising on all the ins and outs of becoming an RN. It's gonna be a great adventure!
  9. puamelia

    KCC ADN FALL 2013

    nicm64, as long as you have direct interaction with a patient it qualifies. Looks like your stats were good too - did you get in? kaanoi & anita920, UHManoa extended the deadline to the 19th to respond because they hadn't heard from me. I never got a letter. I withdrew my UH app today since I accepted KCC already, so who knows, someone will drop KCC to take that spot. I hear that alts sometimes can get notice all the way up to the first day. :) 808wife, congrats on getting accepted into the ADN program and finishing the LPN program. I got accepted, got my letter on April 5th to. I'm very excited to start, looking forward to meeting everyone. See you at the NSO!
  10. puamelia

    I made it :)

    Yay!! Congratulations and best of luck! Just think of all those applicants, and that YOU made it in, so be proud!
  11. puamelia

    "Note to New Students" Nursing School is not all bad!!!

    Thank you, I truly appreciate this. lilwonder, I have been able to restrain from reading the negative posts but the titles can be scary enough. I just got in (on my second try) to one of the hardest-to-get-in programs, notoriously heavy on clinicals with some tough professors and am so nervous about starting. People that I talk to mention how tough it is, and to be proud of getting in, and every time I hear that part of me is ecstatic and part of me is so scared. I understand it will be difficult and yet amazing and I want to continue to love the health field as I continue to climb this path. nununewman, I start in Aug. too, and will continue as a tech in my hospital too, and I am blessed with a great team at work who are rooting for me all the way. I have talked to others who were new grads from the same program and there were some with young children that worked nights and weekends and made it through to be amazing nurses in my hospital. AND they still love it. And we can do it too! We'll have to keep each other inspired. ;-) Good luck to everyone!
  12. puamelia

    Not sure this environment is for me

    I'm not sure where you are located, but in my unit we have 4 male nurses. They are very good nurses - I would let them care for me and my family. They contribute a different point of view (which can be refreshing) and contribute their brawn where I am sometimes in need. (Consider someone combatant, or transferring a bariatric patient.) If you love nursing, I hope you stick with it and make it through. The world needs good nurses male and otherwise.