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  1. cyc0sys

    New RN in charge of a 155 bed SNF. What?!?!

    Sounds par for LTC. CA law states 1 RN per 59> Pts as charge nurse. 1 licensed nurse per 8 Pts. I'm not sure of the legalese involved in your situation. But the facility can get a waiver for staffing shortages and still operate w/ in the law. Here in FL it's 1 nurse per 48 Pts. No charge is required but an RN has to be on call, usually the UM or DON.
  2. cyc0sys

    I Make Less Than a Brand New Nurse, Why?

    Let's not forget profitability and economic down turn some companies experience from time to time. Just because a company has a position to fill, doesn't always me the salary will be competitive. It also seems as if she possesses more education than her counterparts. Education doesn't always equal compensation when it exceeds the requirement of the job. When I worked sub-acute rehab. A BSN paid the same as a ADN if you worked the floor. Also, 15 years of experience working a different specialty, such as admin or educator, isn't even close to working direct patient care. Things are constantly changing in medicine. I've worked with seasoned nurses that spent 20 of it in case management. They didn't know how to setup an IV pump, let alone manage 3 drips on 3 pts.
  3. cyc0sys

    My coworkers dont like me because I bragged

    Bring in some snacks and try to apologize or explain yourself to the people who heard you. Humility goes hand in hand with professionalism. No sense in trying to diffuse a bomb after it went off. Try thinking about how what you say might effect others before you speak in the future and you'll probably end up with less enemies and frienemies.
  4. cyc0sys

    Do women find male nurses attractive?

    My take on OP's thought process doesn't involve romanticizing the patient. I think he's painting with a very broad and naive brush. "...the idea of a man taking care of you" questions the masculinity of nurturing, caring and showing compassion. Instead of bravado and stoicism which OP seems to struggle with being a Beta. These types of questions often arise from a cultural disconnect or the absence of a male role model in the parenting process.
  5. That coward would've gotten introduced to to a rear naked choke hold and rapid controlled change in plane to the floor. Followed by a session of percussive maintenance to the brain housing group, if that went down on my floor.
  6. cyc0sys

    Advice for changing my major. Leaving nursing?

    I wish all hospitals would embrace that concept. The discharge SW case managers I've dealt in the past were seriously lacking in clinical knowledge, whether it was medications or diagnosis. They'd try to send patients without the appropriate scripts, pasrr screening or otherwise medically inappropriate for the facility. In retrospect, they may have just been playing dumb so they could dump unstable patients on us. I never thought SW was a good fit for hospital case management on the discharge side.
  7. cyc0sys

    Advice for changing my major. Leaving nursing?

    Metropolitan areas of Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania are where my friends are located. All like their jobs and have different reasons for being in the profession. The one in private practice has the most free time and autonomy. The Director has an electronic leash and gets phone calls at all times of the day and night (typically crisis related) which he doesn't mind. The non-MSW still pulls call, overtime, and other trench work but is pretty resistant to change for the good or bad.
  8. cyc0sys

    Just grin and bear it!

    I'd talk to the case manager about respite care . If they can get him into an LTC for 5 days, it may be enough time to separate her and reason with her. Someone should also try to reach out to a spiritual advise or competent family member to help prepare her. Aspiration is a serious risk, so keep him up in high Fowlers especially if she's force feeding him. Consider using a thick liquid in a syringe for meds. Administer into the buccal pocket. Ativan, roxanol, and atropine will help his celestial discharge, once on board. The best and last medical intervention is a dignified and painless death. Sometime that's also the hardest intervention to provide.
  9. cyc0sys

    Advice for changing my major. Leaving nursing?

    Nursing school, much like the profession, isn't for everyone. But it's also like no other profession as far a specialties are concerned. You can move around in nursing if you decide you don't like particular type of nursing. Any type of BS degree other than nursing, such as psycho-social counseling, social/work services,and mental health related professions are mostly low pay and long hours. At entry level, you will be helping medically under served populations such as the elderly, children at risk, substance abusers, pregnant mothers and others in poverty. Some positions often pose a risk to personal safety due to social economical conditions and cultural barriers. However, I'm painting with a very broad brush depending upon where you live and what employers are available. Medical social work in a hospital setting, often pays more initially. 25 years ago, 3 of my friends choose the BSSW. Of the 3, 2 took it to MSW. One's in private practice and makes 150k. The other is a director of managed care contractor through the state. He works with a staff of LCSW serving the developmentally disabled. He makes around 100k. The 3rd one didn't pursue a MSW and works with at risk children for a non-profit hospital. She makes about 45k and sometimes gets beat up by her patients.
  10. I'm currently bridging from LPN to RN. I've been offered a position as Anesthesia Tech PRN position at a local hospital. I was interested primarily as a way to get into the hospital. I realize a tech position has no nursing duties or responsibilities. Maintaining a sterile field, stock supplies, transporting patients and cleaning equipment seems to be the gist. Other than observation and a learning how a surgical floors operates, would this experience be of any use or advantage as nurse from the CRNA standpoint? I would like to work surgery or cath lab down the road. I'd appreciate any insight and feed back that could be provided about the daily interactions between these disciplines.
  11. Refer them to HR. I often put the number of HR in the previous supervisor block with this intent. I like to get recommendation letters before conducting a job search. Performance review is a good time to hit your supervisor up for these recommendations.
  12. cyc0sys

    Can't get work

    Better yet have someone else call. My military buddies and I used to take turns calling references, HR, previous bosses, etc... You never know what people might say. Get some professional reference letters from coworkers, fellow nurses, former teachers. Have copies on hand at the interview. I put together an "I love me, you will too" portfolio consisting of copies of my resume, answers to typical interview questions, reference letters, awards, certifications, and questions I'd like to ask about the company. I use it as part my interview "sell me" presentation. I also helps me keep focused.
  13. cyc0sys

    Opposite Sex Coworker Social Boundaries

    My post was in fact dismissive, because it reflected my frustration regarding the situation. We discussed the issue ad nausea as all couples married do. Someone as empathetic and non-judgmental, as yourself, would do better to read between the lines. My intention was to gain a deeper understanding from an external view point. If you're bandwagon deductive reasoning skills are correct, it all seems to boil down to jealous, communication, and trust. I don't buy that. So I'll be paddling my own canoe, pretentiously, into the setting sun of this dying post.
  14. cyc0sys

    Opposite Sex Coworker Social Boundaries

    Naahh, I'm good with sarcasm. So I guess we'll agree to disagree.