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Officially Passed the Nclex 9/12/14!!

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    Dream job too good to be true?I Need to vent, I feel so lost right now

    Ohhh, that's exciting!! Good luck =)
  2. loveoverpride

    Dream job too good to be true?I Need to vent, I feel so lost right now

    That seems to be about the rate that this is going. I wish I had your patience! I'm glad it worked out for you in the end though. Gives me hope! - Haha, I had a moment in which I felt like a 6 year old today. I started started singing out loud around my house today - "I don't want alot for Christmas, any start date is all I'm asking for."
  3. loveoverpride

    Dream job too good to be true?I Need to vent, I feel so lost right now

    That's exactly what I'm afraid of as well! I mean I know nurses have a hot/cold relationship with HR departments in general. I figured if I was efficient, and got everything done in a organized and timely manner, it would help move the process along. I even scanned and sent everything in files labeling exactly what it was etc (I figured it would be a big help with they save them on their computer.) I mean I know "You don't get points for doing what you're supposed to" but I figured it couldn't hurt. It's been so frustrating having to be the one to always make contact with them in order for them to get something done or to set something up, every single step along the way. It really speaks volumes about what can occur down the line. I mean if I was still on the dating market, I would have tossed the fish back into the sea at this point haha. -I'm starting to think that some of the bad reviews from employees about them are actually true (I figured it was just sour grapes from disgruntled employees, and didn't think too much about it.) - Definitely have to keep this whole experience in mind. I hope things get better with your employer though! Sending positive vibes!
  4. loveoverpride

    Dream job too good to be true?I Need to vent, I feel so lost right now

    Wow, four months! I would have been a walking anxiety attack lol. I always try and get stuff done because I never want to "waste anyone's time" (not that I'm perfect by any means though) and I guess I thought a company would be the same way. (Naive of me,I know.) - I didn't even think about the background process. I figured since it's been over 2 weeks since I went for it , that everything was fine (I mean, I don't have any felony's or anything and I passed my nursing school's background check.) I guess I assumed at this point they would have told me otherwise (I've spoken with them 3 times since going for my fingerprinting. Yes! I totally agree! If they had given me a timeline, or tentative start date, or heck even a tentative month, that would have been so helpful and at least I would have something better to say to the "nay-sayers" besides, "Yeah, true." I mean I was just going along with the flow, trying not to get too stressed, until people started saying that "something was up". Well except my Dad, he told me to "Relax, because I received mail at his house for a summons for jury duty at the end of next month, so that should keep me occupied"
  5. loveoverpride

    Dream job too good to be true?I Need to vent, I feel so lost right now

    " I get a sense between the two threads you have a tendency to overthink things, and that can be exhausting and frustrating! :) " Yes, definitely! That's why I've waited days and days to contact them. (Lol, I was trying to teach myself patience haha.) - I was all good until the last 2 days when everyone I was around asked me "What the heck was going on with my new job", and "When was I starting" and then they all had an opinion on it. Lol, then I thought about it (alot) and the nervousness set it. - Then my one friend who's a nurse (sweet girl) but she said "Oh man, it sounds like their going to tell you they're on a hiring freeze, or budget cuts and they're just waiting until after Christmas to tell you." Since I had never heard of "hiring freeze" before (at least while a company is interviewing and hiring people) I searched for it on AN, and apparently it's kind of common in nursing . - Lol, that was the first time AN didn't make me feel a little better, haha. Thank you for taking the time to respond =)
  6. Exactly almost a month ago, I went on an interview for my dream job. (link to that thread: https://allnurses.com/nursing-first-job/looking-need-some-961784.html) It was at a pretty well-known company that specializes in psych patients and substance abuse. I have such a passion for working with these individuals, I was beyond excited. -Now, I'm so lost and frustrated I don't know what to do, and I would love advice from the nurses on AN. You all are wonderful, and amazing, and I would really appreciate it. I also apologize for it being a long story, thank you for sticking it out. Since the interview this is what has occurred: 1) About a week an a half after the interview I received a call from the recruiter who had originally called me to set up the interview. He verbally offered me the job that I had been interviewed for (LPN job) and I was ecstatic! He told me the salary and said that Human Resources would be in touch with me to do the follow up paper work. I said "Great, and I accept" This was on Dec 2nd. 2) After a few days of not hearing anything from HR, (now Dec 5th) I emailed the recruiter back and very "breezily" asked if there was anything else that he needed from me before HR contacted me etc. He said "No" but that HR would be in contact with me shortly. HR called me about an hour after that and set up appointments for me to have my finger printing and drug test done. I scheduled the earliest appointment that they had (the next day.) So far so good. 3) Had my fingerprints and drug test done the next day. and waited...and waited some more. 4) 7 days after I completed my finger printing and drug test, I still had no response from them. I decided to email the recruiter, he asked if I had received a packet from them and I told him "No" (because I hadn't.) He apologized and said I should be receiving and hearing from HR soon. 5) About 5 min before they closed last friday, I had received a hasty phone call from HR and told that I had to complete a packet this weekend, and to fill out and scan and fax everything (about 70 pages worth of stuff to them over the weekend etc) I was to call her on Monday after to follow up with her. She kind of rushed me off the phone (it was a friday and the HR department was closing for the weekend though.) 6) Over the weekend I completed everything (I mean everything) that I could. Including my w2 form, and the 40 page human resources manual, I also had to re-do the application, and send my nursing diploma and registration, drivers license, and birth certificate again. (even though I had already sent this stuff to the person I had an interview with originally.) I e-faxed them to her that weekend. The only thing that I couldn't complete was the medical packet(I had to have a physical filled out by my doctor, and a PPD within 30 days, and copies of my titers. So I called my doctors office (luckily they are open Saturday) and my doctor was booked up until January, I begged and pleaded with the secretary and explained why I needed to see a doctor (any doctor) and she fit me in on Mon morning (not with my own doctor, but that didn't matter at this point.) 7) Monday morning (as instructed) I called the HR person. She said she received them and thanked me. She said that as soon as I have my medical documentation filled out and a copy of my PPD within 30 days, that she would call me and we would talk about a start date etc. I go to my doctors appointment, since I had to get a new PPD, I had to come back 48 hours later (wed) (so I left my physical with her to fill out and everything was fine.) 8) The next day (Tues) I had a call from someone in HR, and was asked to re-scan and fax copies of my license and a few other things again (they weren't clear enough.) I did and sent it to them within a half hour. 9) Wed am- I went to my doctor appointment and had my ppd read (neg) everything that they asked for on the physical was filled out and done. I rushed home and faxed everything to them (late morning at this point.) I then tried to call to see if they got it and this is when things got strange. The phone rang and went to voice mail. However, I couldn't even leave one because the voicemail was full. Strange, but wasn't worried because HR is probably swamped. So I just email them my physical and ppd (in case they didn't get the fax.) This was on wed and I never heard back from them that day. 10) Next day (thurs) I tried calling to confirm and it rang briefly and went to voicemail (couldn't leave one again because It was full.) I called 3 times on Wed and no one answered and I couldn't leave a voice mail because it was full. I was starting to get nervous ,especially because I was told that as soon as I sent it, that we would talk about my start date etc. 11) I called on Friday morning and the same thing happened. I decided to relax and take a deep breath (had some coffee, made breakfast) and to call them back one more time before getting upset (since I had been trying for a few days now with no response.) This time she picked up. I felt relieved, but then that faded. I asked if she received my fax/e-mail on wed (she said she did.) She said that she would be looking over everything. She said "Have a good weekend) and I said the same and then I apologized in case I was bugging her (even though I couldn't even leave any voice mails during the days that I called, but still.) Never heard a response from them after (I was kind of hoping that since she received my physical and ppd that we could talk about my start date, like she had said.) 12) My friends and family brought it to my attention that something is just "not right" with this company at this point and time. I has almost officially been a month since my interview: I only get a call from them after I email them, asking if there's anything else that they need, and they said that it sounds like I was actually supposed to receive this huge packet way back on December 2rd after I formally accepted the position. Not 2 weeks after I had accepted, and then told to complete it by the weekend and expect to have a full physical and ppd completed etc. Also I have yet to receive a start date, even after I had completed everything I was told to. I wanted to defend the company, but honesty my friends and father are right. - If I didn't email the recruiter asking him if there was anything else needed, and briefly mentioning that I hadn't spoken with HR yet. I would have NEVER even known when or where to go to complete my drug testing or finger printing in the first place. If I had never (again) reached out to the recruiter 7 days after completing my drug test/ finger printing, I would have never know about this huge packet of stuff I had to fill out, or about my physical and 30 day ppd that I was required to get. HR would have never even contacted me. - I'm frustrated because the other graduates in my class haven't seemed to have to wait this long, and were told their official start dates etc. I have also spent money (what very little I had) on copays (2 of them) at my doctors for my physical and PPD, and had purchased a few new pair of new scrubs (cardigans) and nursing shoes, after I had my drug screen and fingerprinting. I also had a few days of not being able to reach her at all for a few days, after doing the final thing left (physical and ppd) that I had to complete. - The other thing is that when I briefly talked to her today, I felt "rushed and pushed off" originally- however, after I apologized, she sounded like she felt "pity" toward me when she said "I'll look over everything" and when she told me to "Have a good weekend." She never told me when to expect follow up though, and she didn't talk about my "start date" like she had originally said we would after she received everything. It's been almost officially a month since the interview and I feel like I'm right back to where I started. - I'm not sure what to do at this point. I feel so sad about this, I was so excited to be working for this company. My fiance said that on Monday I should e-mail or call her and just ask when my official start date is, and if she can't give me one to request a formal job offer in writing. (I still have to voicemail saved from Dec 2nd- offering me the job(before I called them right back to accept) .) - I expected my fiance and parents, friends etc to tell me to just relax at this point (in my last post, I was a little high strung.) Now they are saying the opposite and that "Something is fishy" because its been so long at this point, and it odd that " I don't have a start date", and that they "didn't answer their phone the last few days", and "I'm always the one to initiate contact with them before they actually do anything" etc. What do you guys think? I would love opinions and advice on what to do at this point from my fellow nurses who have been in this position before. I thank you in advance.
  7. loveoverpride

    Hate Medical Nursing! I want Psych!

    I can't give you the "right" answer, only you yourself can decide that. Your predicament was the exact opposite of how I was feeling, but I understand where you're coming from. I'm a new nurse, but I've always loved psych. I many times had thought about becoming a therapist (and have been told I would be great at it) however, I really had the "call" to become a nurse. Although I will be going back at some point in time (even if only part time) for my RN. When I made it through school I just knew I wanted, and had to become a psych nurse. However, I also needed to eat, so I applied for jobs EVERYWHERE. In every single nursing field I could think of, and thought to myself that I was "taking the easy way out" and not being "true to myself" because, I know my heart and passion are in psych nursing. -Luckily, I just happened to formally accept a position today (after a grueling week-long anxiety ridden waiting period, and I still have follow up paperwork to complete etc) working with psych patients/patients with substance abuse dependency...at one of my dream jobs. - Anyway (the point of my rant, I'm sorry) The only advice I can truly give you is that NOTHING feels as good as when you know you are doing something, and heading in the direction that you just KNOW in your soul you should be in. Nothing beats knowing that you get to do your inner soul's work, and fulfill your inner passion. In fact I personally could care less if someone thinks I'm "less of a nurse" because I'm a psych nurse (and an LPN psych nurse at that! lol) It won't matter to me, because I know that I'M making a difference in a patients life, and my whole entire heart is in it, because it is what I love to do, and everyday I will get to help another patient and be there to care for them in their time of need. There's nothing that anyone on the outside could say to me, that could ever compare to being able to fulfill what I know I was born to do, and how that feels on the inside.
  8. loveoverpride

    Looking/need some honest feedback (sorry, for the long post.)

    So you didn't get hired even after the interview went well and they wanted to hire you etc? Honestly that really stinks! Plenty of people get hired for positions that they don't exactly "meet every single requirement" because they have a relative or a friend (or even killer looks lol) and not because of actual experience. Most of the people I graduated nursing school with (the ones who currently have jobs) only got the job because their sister or mother are nurses and got them a super easy in. (So not the case for me, no nurses in my family besides myself, except a distant cousin who I haven't even seen since I was like 12.) - I think that if you are a hard worker, and willing to put in the work, and the employer sees something in you and is willing to take a chance on you, its not fair for the recruiter to step in and jeopardize that for you. I'm sorry that happened =(, please know that something better will come along.
  9. loveoverpride

    Looking/need some honest feedback (sorry, for the long post.)

    Thanks, venting on here to you guys really helps ease my anxiety. I keep re-reading everything whenever, I start thinking too much about it. Random question though- Can they complete a background check even if I haven't signed anything? (In nursing school we had to sign a form for the school to do one for us.) I literally didn't sign anything at the interview (I just email the scanned items to the Doctor I had the interview with when I got home.) I mean I have absolutely NO problem with them completing a background check (I'm actually hoping they are able to!) I'd overnight them my urine for the drug test via fed-ex if it would help this process move along lol.
  10. loveoverpride

    contact, droplet, airborne oh my!

    Contact Precautions Before entering: Wash hands THEN don gloves 1st and gown 2nd. Pt. gets private room. Upon leaving: Remove gloves 1st and then gown. Gown worn during transport. Examples: MRSA, RSV (also droplet), C. DIFF, Scabbies Airborne Precautions Same order for don. Wear N95 mask, and remove mask AFTER leaving the pt’s room. -Keep pt’s door closed at all time, private room with neg. air pressure. Mask worn during transport. Examples: Varicella (chicken pox), Measles (Rubeola), TB, Herpes disseminated. Droplet Precautions Private room, and door may be open. Only need surgical mask within 3 feet of patient. Examples: Pneumonia, Menicoccal Menigitis, Influenza, RSV, Strept, Scarlet Fever, Pertussis, Rubella, Mumps, H. Influenzae type B.
  11. loveoverpride


    There's no "magic" study book/guide for the NCLEX. If you peruse around All Nurses you will see equal arguments and recommendations for all of them (even for some you've never even heard of.) I would go to the library or if you have a tablet or kindle- livebrary.com and see if they have any NCLEX e-books for you to borrow. This way you can learn what system "works" for you the best. I would also suggest making your own study guide (along with a study schedule.) Putting things into your own "words" and mnemonics will really pay off in the end. I did that, and I'm incredibly happy I did (it ended up working for about 10 other friends who said that my study packets helped them as well, lol my OCD payed off.) - Also when reviewing NCLEX questions make SURE you look at the RATIONAL! Not enough people teach themselves to really do this, they would rather "argue" in their own head about "why" they think they were right. I would purchase a notebook (you can get it at the dollar tree) and literally write down, the rationals to the questions you got wrong, along with any other points/facts you remember about what they're asking you.
  12. loveoverpride


    A month is a good amount of time. I took (and passed my nclex) about a month and 10 days after I had graduated. Make yourself a study schedule and don't go crazy with too many study books, especially when there is so many other (cheaper resources) to utilize. I also made myself study packets, which ended up becoming really helpful, so I'm thankful that I did.
  13. loveoverpride

    Passed with Few Sata

    When I took the nclex (back in September.) I hardly had any SATA (maybe 10, possibly 15 but that's pushing it.) My classmates kept saying that they had "tons" and "tons" and it was making me really nervous. I did however, have quite a few "priority" and "delegation" questions. I had one drag and drop, and one picture question, and zero math problems. I ended up finishing in under an hour at 85 questions (the minimum for the PN nclex.) - What I found interesting (that I later learned after taking the nclex) is that the "priority" and "delegation" questions ARE considered "higher level questions". Most people think that it's SATA questions that are "higher level", (wrong!) I remember having a SATA question (I can't go into specifics) but let's just say it was a question about a certain diet, and it was incredibly easy that I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. The trade-off for that question was having a delegation question regarding psych (my favorite subject) that made me wanna crawl under desk and find a way to teleport to another dimension. - As long as you studied and prepared well, have some faith in your abilities, and remember how far you've come since starting nursing school, you can conquer the NCLEX. Congrats on passing!!
  14. loveoverpride

    Looking/need some honest feedback (sorry, for the long post.)

    Unfortunately I still haven't heard back from them (it will be a week since my interview on Wed.) I was thinking about sending an e-mail to the person I interviewed with thanking them for meeting with me. However, I remembered that when I sent over all the scanned information that they asked for, I already "thanked" him for taking the time to meet with me. I'm feeling like interviewing the afternoon before a major holiday definitely worked against me. I'm trying to just "relax" and not think about it, I'm even applying for more jobs, but I really was excited about this job. I would contact Human Resources but he said that they would get in touch with me.
  15. Unfortunately I still haven't heard back from them (it will be a week since my interview on Wed.) I was thinking about sending an e-mail to the person I interviewed with thanking them for meeting with me. However, I remembered that when I sent over all the scanned information that they asked for, I already "thanked" him for taking the time to meet with me. I'm feeling like interviewing the afternoon before a major holiday definitely worked against me. I'm trying to just "relax" and not think about it, I'm even applying for more jobs, but I really was excited about this job.
  16. *aren't any SATA, *Brush up (oops)