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Urology First Assist

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  1. UndecidedRNBSN

    Best shoes for OR nursing

    I have Kuru’s and they are the BEST!!!!!
  2. UndecidedRNBSN

    RNFA - Any particular specialty?

    At the hospital I work at in MN, all surgeons have a first assist. General surgery shares a PA who occasionally assists, but definitely not on a daily basis.
  3. UndecidedRNBSN

    House supervisors!

    Im interested in becoming a house supervisor and in the middle of getting my BSN. But Im wondering what other experience I would need? Also, the national average pay for house supervisors is $94,000. Is this accurate?? Thanks:)
  4. UndecidedRNBSN

    New grad jobs

    Fairview usually has a few new grad positions open
  5. UndecidedRNBSN

    RN with 1 year of OB experience.. critique my resume, please!

    Have you done any volunteer work? I would include that. What about 2-3 nonfamily references? Maybe add something that makes you unique to nursing.
  6. UndecidedRNBSN

    ADN's how are the prospects for new grads?

    I have an AD degree and i got a job in outpatient dialysis. BUT i am doing my bachelors degree online currently and that was on my resume. Our facility is requiring us to get BSN within 5 years of hire.
  7. UndecidedRNBSN

    Easiest NP specialty to get accepted into?

    Also interested in this topic, finishing my RN to BSN and currently holding a 3.25 gpa. Hoping to sustain that
  8. UndecidedRNBSN

    Anyone else read this?

    This recent article from the Atlantic discusses the looming nursing shortage: Five years ago, my mother was rushed to the hospital for an aneurysm. For the next two weeks, my family and I sat huddled around her bed in the intensive-care unit, oscillating between panic, fear, uncertainty, and exhaustion.
  9. UndecidedRNBSN


    I have started as a dialysis RN about 9 weeks ago and ive been stressed from the start. Im working full time and going to school part time. Im tired all the time, and i feel so rushed at work most days. Is this a "welcome to the rest of your life" ? Will it get easier?
  10. UndecidedRNBSN

    Bemidji State anyone?

    BSU and the tech school nursing programs are definitely going through a transition period and its gonna take a few years to work out the kinks.
  11. UndecidedRNBSN

    Help!: Advice on coping with an online-only program. RN to BSN.

    Im doing RN to BSN completely online through rasmussen college
  12. UndecidedRNBSN

    MN RN Wages

    Holy crap I would love that for clinic pay, northern MN clinics are paying $23-24 an hour
  13. UndecidedRNBSN

    Twin Cities New Grads...

    Fairview has specific job postings that say "new grads encouraged to apply" but theres only a few
  14. UndecidedRNBSN

    My feet are KILLING me!!!

    I have tried dankos and I dont like them, right now im wearing merrell slip on's but there not cutting it anymore. Any suggestions on shoes?
  15. UndecidedRNBSN

    New to Dialysis Need Help!

    You get to know all your patients very well and dayshift hours. But i hate waking up at 4am. Our clinic hours are 5am-7pm
  16. UndecidedRNBSN

    My feet are KILLING me!!!

    Thanks everyone!!!
  17. UndecidedRNBSN

    Doubts about being a nurse

    Your english teacher has no idea what the he[[ hes taking about.
  18. UndecidedRNBSN

    Leaving at 6 months in?

    I understand where u are coming from, i left my home care position after being there for 5 months. It was a deadend job, I was basically babysitting my patient. Currently orientating in a dialysis unit and so far i really like it. My preceptor moves REALLY fast and expects me to do the same but i would rather do it slow and be thorough and correct vs working fast being sloppy and making major mistakes. Do what makes you happy!
  19. UndecidedRNBSN

    Double income as a nurse

    U want to do 2 full time jobs? A more realistic option i would think would be 1 full time and 1 part time maxing at 60 hrs a week.
  20. UndecidedRNBSN

    My patient committed suicide last night

    Its good to talk it out in a professional environment. Psych is a hard specialty to work in so i give you alot of credit for that!! It is ok to reflect on the suicide, possibly learn from it somehow?
  21. UndecidedRNBSN

    Disturbing things that I heard Dr.s say in the Labor room

    These quotes make me not want to be a labor and delivery nurse.
  22. UndecidedRNBSN

    Independent CNM practice?

    Are there any independently practicing CNM's out there? Is it hard to start up your own practice?
  23. UndecidedRNBSN

    Is it expected for new FT RNs to pick up extra shifts?

    Like a previous poster said, ur manager already increased u one shift and u accepted so i dont think you are obligated to work extra shifts. I will throw in an extra if someone calls in sick but other than that i dont. Im finishing my BSN as well. Taking 2 classes at a time.
  24. UndecidedRNBSN

    Best travel nurse company

    Hello! Im interested in traveling next winter but im wondering whats the best company to go through? I would be traveling as a dialysis RN. Thanks:)
  25. UndecidedRNBSN

    Best travel nurse company

    Wow! Thank you!!!