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  1. UndecidedRNBSN

    Best shoes for OR nursing

    I have Kuru’s and they are the BEST!!!!!
  2. UndecidedRNBSN

    RNFA - Any particular specialty?

    At the hospital I work at in MN, all surgeons have a first assist. General surgery shares a PA who occasionally assists, but definitely not on a daily basis.
  3. UndecidedRNBSN

    New grad jobs

    Fairview usually has a few new grad positions open
  4. UndecidedRNBSN

    RN with 1 year of OB experience.. critique my resume, please!

    Have you done any volunteer work? I would include that. What about 2-3 nonfamily references? Maybe add something that makes you unique to nursing.
  5. UndecidedRNBSN

    ADN's how are the prospects for new grads?

    I have an AD degree and i got a job in outpatient dialysis. BUT i am doing my bachelors degree online currently and that was on my resume. Our facility is requiring us to get BSN within 5 years of hire.
  6. UndecidedRNBSN

    Easiest NP specialty to get accepted into?

    Also interested in this topic, finishing my RN to BSN and currently holding a 3.25 gpa. Hoping to sustain that
  7. UndecidedRNBSN


    I have started as a dialysis RN about 9 weeks ago and ive been stressed from the start. Im working full time and going to school part time. Im tired all the time, and i feel so rushed at work most days. Is this a "welcome to the rest of your life" ? Will it get easier?
  8. UndecidedRNBSN

    Bemidji State anyone?

    BSU and the tech school nursing programs are definitely going through a transition period and its gonna take a few years to work out the kinks.
  9. UndecidedRNBSN

    Help!: Advice on coping with an online-only program. RN to BSN.

    Im doing RN to BSN completely online through rasmussen college
  10. UndecidedRNBSN

    MN RN Wages

    Holy crap I would love that for clinic pay, northern MN clinics are paying $23-24 an hour
  11. UndecidedRNBSN

    Twin Cities New Grads...

    Fairview has specific job postings that say "new grads encouraged to apply" but theres only a few
  12. UndecidedRNBSN

    New to Dialysis Need Help!

    You get to know all your patients very well and dayshift hours. But i hate waking up at 4am. Our clinic hours are 5am-7pm
  13. UndecidedRNBSN

    My feet are KILLING me!!!

    Thanks everyone!!!
  14. UndecidedRNBSN

    My feet are KILLING me!!!

    I have tried dankos and I dont like them, right now im wearing merrell slip on's but there not cutting it anymore. Any suggestions on shoes?
  15. UndecidedRNBSN

    Doubts about being a nurse

    Your english teacher has no idea what the he[[ hes taking about.