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  1. buckboomer

    male nurses on the rise

    I however, I have run into many gender type issues in my experiences. I am not sure why there are so few nurses that are of the male gender. I have been regularly disappointed with the communication or lack or from my female colleagues. Also the lack of direct confrontation, when something is not to a female's liking. Being written up, instead of confronted has been common. I could go on, put for me, that could be a sign of feeling threatened, or at least NOT appreciated.
  2. buckboomer

    This is for all the students I freaked out...

    Kday, I'm glad I caught you on the chat thingy. I have always enjoyed your commentary. I especially like the graphic examples! Students should read these, once in a while, to get a better perspective, I think. Take care of yourself, because who else will do it? You are really cool!
  3. buckboomer

    ER Doctors that are hard to work with!

    Have anyone tried directly confronting this abusive individual? The direct approach works best. Er nurses can take a little heat, and can usually dish it out! Be respectful, if possible, and talk it over with other staff. Then go up the chain of command, but don't expect much there. This individual should get the message. Think about pulling a few pranks, and see if she has a sense of humor. Maybe getting to know this individual better is another way to understand her points of view. Let her know yours, too. Remind this individual, abuse is violence and will NOT be tolerated. Buenas suerte
  4. buckboomer

    The Male Nurse

    Good for you Sunny. Have you noticed how the males seem to get the biggest, and the behavior problem customers. As well as the ones that don't speak English as their first language. Sorry to get off the track. No offense intended to the female health care professionals.
  5. Yes, And often my colleagues seem to resent it.
  6. buckboomer

    The Male Nurse

    I hear #7 the most. No offense intended, to other healthcare professionals. At least we are not in Australia and called sisters. I do get tired, but not annoyed, from these repetitive questions. Maybe it our cultural bias, or naivete of the customers. Usually they are just trying to intiate a conversation, or trying to "butter us" up to please themselves or their care provider. I wonder, what they tell our female counterparts. You also forgot about the homo phobia. Assuming nurses, who happen to have the male gender, are homosexual. We don't have much media promoting males in the glamorous profession of nursing. One male wanted to change the name of nurses, but physican assistant was already chosen. I don't think of myself as a male nurse, a nurse will do just fine, thanks.
  7. buckboomer

    What do you think?

    I think agency nurses are cool, confident, and control their own hours. Plus they get paid very well. Gee, I wish all nurses had those opportunities, as agency nurses. Travelers take chances and go to jobs that others do NOT want. Usually these individuals have a contract and length of stay requirement, and get free accomodations, and a smaller wage. I choose agency.
  8. buckboomer


    We do NOT use therapeutic conversation on this board. However,please use some empathy, understanding, or avoid this board. Many have opinions, stories, etc that they want to share. I rather enjoy the different points of view to help keep or put things into perspective. I'll even go so far as saying it might be a good way of venting. Of course, everyone has opinions and many could lighten up. As a student nurse, how do you have time to read the posts? We all struggle through nursing school. That is REALLY the only bond we nurses have. Get some sleep, keep positive, and go exercise instead of reading these posts. Thanks for your comments and opinion.
  9. buckboomer

    Nursing and Euthanasia?

    10 years or so ago, in MN, a large teaching hospital tried ending treatment to a persistently vegetative person. It received national attention. The hospital lost the court case. A nursing supervisor wrote a paper on it from a religious point of view, (catholisism). The spiritual aspects of the person, caregiver, etc are an issue. My parents both died painful deaths and suffered for months. I used to think that man has no right killing another. Now I feel some patients need a free referral to Dr. Jack Kerkovian. We live in a pluralistic society, and we should have that opportunity if we request it. However, ethical councils would be very helpful with pain management, psychology, clerical, and others involved when this need occurs. A friend of mine chose the terminal weaning and was barely 30, with three beautiful daughters. He was very coherent and not clinically depressed, according to the report. I worked on that floor, with others that knew him well. We still have a tough time dealing with that issue, and can not speak of him. His wife was a nurse and said he was a burden to his family. He did the deed after a Vikings game on a Sunday. I am getting choked up just remembering some of the details. Part of nursing is to allow peaceful deaths, or at least assist with that process. Since none of us is immortal, we in nursing deal with mortality every day. I have a living will, and so do most of my close friends. I also plan on getting a tattoo some day on my chest, DNR, DNI. Good luck with your article.
  10. buckboomer

    What keeps you comming back

    I like the big umbrella nursing works under. There are many nursing roles ie, school , clinic, homecare, hospital, with many different specialties, and others. If one area starts wearing you down, try another. Nursing has a plethora of opportunities nationwide as well as many places overseas, plus travel assigments. I also try to remember the times, I thought I made a difference to someone, or even heard a thank you. Each of us has the freedom to change, adapt, or get out. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  11. buckboomer

    Poll - what's important to you?

    Do Anything about it? ***** and complain? Unions so far have not been successful, either. Benefits, pay, scheduling, and you forgot respect. There is now a report that women make at least 25% less then men. Hilary C has made some comments on that. Does this affect nursing? I think so, dude. We live in a capitalistic society, and our jobs, roles, have been devalued. AMA is strong lobby in congress. Is nursing? I doubt it. Consider the serial killers who are MDs. How were they able to continue to practice medicine? What about the accidental deaths, which is a national disgrace, tragedy. There has to be a way to communicate our needs to the public, and health care administrators. I have appreciated your posts in the past, and I don't consider you a bottom feeder. I choose not to let this sink. Your poll, was for , what purpose? To get many replies? Prove that nurses are not organized? Would organizing really work? Historically nurses have NOT been well organized. What will change that? And will organizing really increase benefits, staffing, money, or other big issues? Lo dudo, or I doubt it. Our president is putting us back 40+ years into another cold war. Let's identify the problems to the correct people, and hope for the best. In my opinion, that requires a well planned effort. Grassroot approaches seem to work better in this country, or democracy. I would hope that could be done without striking. And since you are NOT in favor of unions, and probably a republican, you can spend your tax cut as a wage benefit.
  12. buckboomer


    Hey Boss, I reckon you will be disappointed when you see the cost for a nursing license in Alaska. I applied for one about 5 years ago, 250.00, no fooling. I also needed references. Most hospitals have their own websites, which include pictures of the facility, and some of surrounding beauty. The wages are poor, IMHO. I visited Ketchikan last summer, and visited the hospital there. It looked better on the net. The weather during June was wet rainy, and very cool. Ketchikan has 270 days of precipitation. I saw daylight for >18 hours, and never saw the sun. For a week on a cruise, I enjoyed the beauty, but NOT the weather. Winter must be hell. Now I know why chem dep is such a big deal there. Plan carefully, and research as best you can. I would be suprised if you went there for the money or opportunities. Try the Alaskan Extra Special Bitter. What out for bear scat!
  13. buckboomer


    I have lived over seas, and NEVER heard a Limey, Kiwi, or Aussie ever say ass. It is always arse, bottom, not ass. Lighten up, Scottie, if you really are one. You have the dreaded foot in mouth! I barrack for the Rangers. I suppose you like Celtic, or maybe Dundee.
  14. buckboomer

    Is fighting professional

    I suggest you pick and choose what you want to read or believe. I support other opinions and ideas. Read Wildtime, or others that are worth reading. Take the blinders off, and realize the dilemma healthcare is in. Nurses are in the trenches or the front line of our miserable healthcare system. Passive aggressive, non confrontable individuals run rampant in this profession. Some feel this is the response, of the stress, that nursing is under. Compromise your values, to pick up a pay check. Is it any wonder, the mean spirited replies, are common place on the board? Think positive, remember the good stories, etc, etc. Forget about the miserable working conditions, and some of the mean spirited colleagues in this glamorous profession. Walk a mile in the bedside nurses's shoes, and smile. Cram 10 hours of work into 8 hours. Deal with guilt issues when you are unable to report to work, letting these same colleagues down, and they will be short staffed, or do mandatory overtime. Try not to become cynical, like others, including myself. Be empathetic, use therapeutic conversation, imagery, to convince yourself and others, of nursing, the noble profession. Care for sick, angry people, with verbally abusive families, and come to work smiling. There are some good moments in nursing, but NOT enough.
  15. buckboomer


    Whoa, Todd, you have been a nurse for such a short time. I am glad for your strong faith, but it is yours. You will need it to survive, and keep that cheery outlook. I have tried and failed to not become cynical. I rejoice in my good health, marriage, and other things that I must think of. Definitely not politics, or justice, or hospital administration. Here in Minnesota, the largest healthcare employer is being dragged through public scrutiny, over consultation fees, and perks for the hotshots. We are also in the midst of nursing contract negotiations. I will believe a change, in money or working conditions, will happen when I see it, not before. All the best to you and yours.