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  1. GemTwist

    Jail, correctional facility RN

    Some pay higher to include hazard pay due to the population you work with. Also can be harder positions to fill. The jails are more acute in people are coming in off the streets - some unstable and needing to detox in the health clinic. Depending on the jail the nurse works intake, detox, pill/diabetic line, clinic, inpatient area and respond to emergencies. The prisons are less acute as they have already been incarcerated for a while. Lots of health teaching. Lots of manipulation and behaviors. But I really enjoyed it. Can be some rough nurses to work with too. You can check out the corrections nursing forum in the specialties.
  2. GemTwist

    WGU Starting 9/1/15 - Question

    I am also starting 9/1 :) RN-BSN.
  3. GemTwist


    What did you end up doing?
  4. GemTwist

    Why does Seattle pay so low?

    I'm a new grad and have not looked around at other states much to see how it compares. But, this area is completely saturated with nurses due to all the schools here. I don't know if that has something to do with it. I have looked at Portland and they make more there than here in Seattle.
  5. GemTwist

    Looking for a nursing school with these grades

    Have you checked with everett cc? They are based on TEAS test. Need micro for many, but have you added up what your points would be for shoreline with your work experience AND volunteering? Those points may help make up for the C in stats.
  6. GemTwist

    Shoreline community college or UW?

    I would apply to several schools. North seattle was a little easier to apply with. I didn't have a CNA position, but I did have the volunteer hours.
  7. GemTwist

    Shoreline community college or UW?

    They are point based on acceptance. So it really also depends on how many points you will get for work experience and volunteering to make up for lower GPA. For the most part mostly A's maybe some B's depending on the above and who else is applying.
  8. GemTwist

    Vet tech to RN

    I made the switch because I could not make enough to retire! There are also more opportunities. I really needed more financial autonomy.
  9. GemTwist

    Vet tech to RN

    I also have found some people in school stress about not getting enough experience with blood draws, iv cath placements and urinary cath placements or other tasks and I don't get worried about it. One reason being past experience with all the animal pokes, but I also remember when I was fresh out of vet tech school I had the book knowledge but it was that first year or so that those skills really developed and I know it will be the same in nursing. Your assessment skills will be ahead as well.
  10. GemTwist

    Vet tech to RN

    Hi, I was a vet tech for 7 years before nursing school. It definitely was helpful. So much is the same in way of illnesses. I worked at specialty vet hospitals and moved around from er/ICU, surgery, internal medicine and many of the same meds are used. You will just find you don't get to do as much as you do as a tech...won't get to place central lines, intubate, epidurals, etc. But having the background in animals doing those things has made the transition easier. I also found working with animals we had stronger PPE protocols than they have with people at the hospital. Lol, and with animals we were wearing much of the PPE to protect other animals often more so than ourselves depending on illness. That stumps me, especially with seeing the ebola issues now. Your background will def help. I graduate in the spring. I do have bad habits and have to really rememeber to be more careful with needles, poop, etc. Also some different ways of doing things. It has been awkward for me getting used to working with people patients too and communication. I know two other vet techs I worked with now nurses and found it beneficial.
  11. I know this is an old post, but what did you find out? I am living in the states and planning on going the WGU route for RN-BSN. My husband is Canadian and he wants to move back near his family. Just wanted to see if you had any troubles transferring your WGU degree for Canadian recognition. Thanks!
  12. My husband is Canadian. I'm finishing up my ADN in the states and he wants to move back to B.C. I have to have my BSN first and want to make sure the online WGU degree would be acceptable for my license there. I'm going to call the Canadian board of nursing but wanted to check here first hand. See if anyone has had personal experience transferring it to Canada. Thanks!
  13. GemTwist

    Cost of living

    You can actually look at those for rent booklets online too.
  14. GemTwist

    Who supervises you during clinicals?

    Just finished another med/surg clinical. 8 students between 2 floors and 1 clinical instructor. We have always had to come in early to research our patients, write care plans, list/know meds, understand patho, and understand the pt's labs. This all has to be checked by our clinical instructor before we can begin care. We do full assessments and chart them. We have to pass meds with our instructor for the first time each different route then we can pass with the nurse. For any procedure (PICC bandage change, IV cath placement, wound dressing change, urinary cath placement...etc) we have to do it with our instructor first then can do with the nurse if the nurse is ok with it. Some days we come in and one of our pt's has been discharged and we get a second pt that morning and we just have to do a brief write up on them with meds....which can be easily looked up on micromedex. The hospital we were just at also sent out a reminder to the nurses that students are NOT practicing under their license. Also, if I were you. I would ask the student what the med does, is, and side effects....if they can't answer then they can't give it. Our instructor can not be evrywhere at once. You sound pretty stressed so maybe bringing it up with your charge about not having students. The nurses I worked with this clinical were so great compared to previous. Even though they had 6 pt's and were busy. I would tell them I uunderstood how busy they were and I would try and stay out of their way and if they didn't want to be slowed down by me passing meds or whatnot there would be no hard feelings. Most of them still took the time with me to pass meds when my instructor was not around. You may bring up your concerns with your charge regarding lack of preparredness of the students and also bring it up with those who handle the education/clinical set-up.
  15. GemTwist

    trying to get into RN or BSN program in WA

    You may want to find the schools that do lotteries. Seattle Central comm college does a first come first served enrollment which is not point based. So I would look at there requirements for entry. I don't think you would get in to competitive entry programs with the C's or low Teas. Study for teas and retake it and then look at everett community college. Good luck! I had to retake classes to be competitive.
  16. GemTwist

    Shoreline CC Winter 2013 application points inquiry

    Also, reach out for help! Talk to your advisor and instructors for tips. They want you to succeed!

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