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colleennurse has 8 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in post-op.

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  1. colleennurse

    ADN in NC

    Hi- My husband and I are thinking of moving NC. Is it difficulty to get a job with and ADN? I have 8 years of experience. Thanks!
  2. colleennurse

    South Carolina vs. North Carolina

    Since this is kind of what I was about to ask I will reply off this post. My family is thinking of moving to NC. I have an associates, am I going to have difficulty finding a job? I have 8 years exp as an RN, mostly in post-op. What is the yearly salaries like in NC? I live in upstate NY, so I am sure that the cost of living here is higher, just curious about pay. Thanks!!
  3. Hello- My husband and I are considering moving to Pittsburgh in the next year or two. Just wondering about the hospitals there. I have looked on the internet and UPMC seems like the big one there, but it seems like there are several hospitals affiliated throughout the city. What is the pay range in Pittsburgh, currently I have 7 years experience and work in a short stay surgical unit of a large medical center. Also any one who lives there that would be willing to share some info on areas or info about schools as we have small kids. We would like to live close to the city. Thanks in advance!
  4. colleennurse

    Question for psych nurses!

    I would say no if you are refering to patients admitted to an inpatient psychiatric area, they are admitted for a reason. You never know what one is thinking and you should never put yourself in a situation where you cant get away or be totally alone. If you are talking about inpatient psych I am not sure why you would be alone in an isolated area. If you are in a room with someone, never let them be in between you and the door. People can be very unpredictable!
  5. colleennurse

    Let go

    All you can do is be honest and explain what you learned from it and how you might handle future situations. Honesty and being able to admit when you made a mistake are good qualities. Everybody has made some mistake at one time or another. Good luck with your job hunt!
  6. colleennurse

    What do you tell people who want to be nurses?

    I usually tell them to shadow a nurse in the hospital for a day/shift to see what a nurse really does. But I dont think anyone has ever taken my advice- what do I know
  7. colleennurse

    how to leave work at work?

    Have you tried finding a co-worker that you can talk to? Sometimes just talking about your day with someone who understands can do wonders. Especially when something like a code happens. You have to get your feelings out. Plus I find that when you do talk to others, it helps you to realize that you are not alone. You are still a new nurse, time will make you feel more confident/comfortable in your nursing practice. I have been a nurse for 6 years and I still question myself (which keeps you on your toes :) Good luck!
  8. Im sure you have your personal reasons, but if I were you I would just get it. As previously stated that benefits outweight the risks. I am sure you are well aware that vaccinations protect others not just yourself. I know for the Flu my hospital will let you refuse, but I am not sure about MMR or other vaccines.
  9. colleennurse

    Pregnant and job interview. Opinions?

    I have to agree with Ashley. Why would you take a job for 6 months anyway? Not trying to be snotty- just wondering. In addition to what Ashley said, if you are talking about a nursing position- it costs an employer thousands of dollars to train someone. I would be very upfront about your situation. Good luck to you!
  10. colleennurse

    Psych patients on medical floors

    Awe it makes me sad when people "don't like psych patient's". I work on a behavior medical unit, so I guess my hospital is fortunate to have such a unit. Someone else said it, people with mental health issues know if you do not like them. They don't chose to be that way, who would? Hope you can remind yourself that they are people too and that the behaviors they have are symptoms of thier illness. Good luck.
  11. colleennurse

    Worst case scenario needle stick

    Dont have words of advice, just want you to know that I am sorry that this happened to you. Like someone else said utilize your work EAP. I've been stuck before and the whole situation is just scary. (((Hugs)))
  12. colleennurse

    New grad needing advice on transitioning to working nights.....

    If you have kids- make sure they can go somewhere in the day when you get home so that you can sleep- if they are not school age that is. Also I take a benadryl, one 25mg tab to help me stay asleep. Good luck
  13. colleennurse

    Newly pregnant...when to tell work?

    I would tell them when you feel comfortable. I have had miscarriages before, so I asked my boss not to tell anyone until I was ready for that reason. I think usually around 12 weeks is the norm. As far as the contact patient's, as long as you follow all the "precaution rules" I think you would be ok. Although I did homecare when I was preggers, so I am not completely sure on that one. Good luck and congrats!
  14. colleennurse

    Having trouble with IV's! Can't get them to thread...

    practice, practice, practice and more practice. This is a learned skill. Even if you are trying and blowing them and having to ask someone else to place it, that is much better than not trying at all.
  15. colleennurse

    Help Please!!!

    lol- sad but true. No offense to the OP- I just thought this was funny
  16. colleennurse

    What paraphernalias a nurse must always have?

    Scissors definately, you will need them for many things. usually when you need them you cant leave the room to get some.