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  1. dheath17

    How Nurses Cope with Death

    #1) Understand yourself and your beliefs about death and dying. If your not comfortable with the subject, explore it! #2) NEVER tell the family members that you understand what they are going through...unless you have actually experienced the same thing! #3) Just BE there. No need for your opinions or very much verbalization. Just knowing that someone cares enough to listen and tend to the "little" things is a great help. #4) If you are asked to pray with the family...DO IT, even if you are not the "praying type". #5) Leave it at the door when you head home. This is the hardest one I think and is not meant in a callous way. You have to protect your heart so you are able to share it with the next family that needs you!
  2. dheath17

    Ethical question-WWYD?

    Giving Glucagon to a pt with HYPOglycemia would be a correct action. Even if the person has HYPERglycemia you would be safe to give the glucagon because a blood sugar of "0" will definitely kill the patient whereas a high BS can be treated afterwards with insulin.
  3. dheath17

    Terminated after 2 months

    "Cultural" differences could include just about anything; tattoos, body piercings, sexual orientation, clothing, religious beliefs...almost anything! Some of those may be considered a violation of civil rights as well, but I would agree that it may be best to take this as a learning experience and move on to greener pastures...GOOD LUCK!
  4. dheath17

    Applied & now Waiting...

    Some chools give preference to students who have done their pre-reqs at the school to which they are applying over those who are transferring credits. I don't agree with this practice, but it happens!
  5. dheath17

    More people not passing NCLEX

    Make sure you have a NCLEX review book and read the breakdown of testing questions. The new format has more preventative interventions and mental health content (I'm pretty sure that I'm remembering that correctly!). The national first-pass rate has dropped, but this is probably due to the change in the testing content structure/percentages/focus and some programs may not have adapted their curriculum to accomodate these changes. Be proactive and check the testing content so you are prepared
  6. dheath17

    MONA or ONAM...for NCLEX?

    Mild anxiety is actually conducive to successful studying...you get more focused under mild anxiety! Also, MONA is correct: Morphine to reduce oxygen needs of the myocardium, dilate vessels, and reduce pain/anxiety (all of which will improve oxygenation; Oxygen to provide essential needs for the myocardium and systemically; Nitroglycerin for vasodilation; Aspirin to thin blood for clot reduction. GOOD LUCK!
  7. Question: So...exactly how many nursing instructors DOES it take to produce 1.1 million RNs? Answer: A.) No one in Washington knows. B.) No one in Washington cares. C.) A heck of a lot more than we have now. D.) Shoot me now!!!!!!! Correct! All of the above!
  8. dheath17

    Reasonable RN Pay in Pediatrician's Office

    It would be a good idea to visit the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to get detailed information R/T average earnings for a RN in this setting and area. It could (or could not) be very eye-opening! =-))