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  1. ladyvp05

    UALR Nursing Program Applicant 2014

    Update: I just graduated yesterday will my BSN from UALR. Passed every class with an A. If UALR every produces a MSN program I would likely apply for that program. Good luck everyone on your nursing journey!
  2. ladyvp05

    UALR Nursing Program Applicant 2014

    I haven't been on here in a while so I'm sorry for just now responding. St. Vincent will hire new grad nurses for specialties like OR, ER, and ICU.
  3. ladyvp05

    OR nurse schedule - 4 10's or 5 8's?

    I work 12s in the OR. I wouldn't mind 10s either. But I would die if I had to go back to 8's. I value that extra time off. When I worked 8's I always felt tired everyday.
  4. ladyvp05

    OR nursing--- career killer???

    My sister started in the OR and worked there for 3 years. She has since worked med-surg, mental health, home health, and now she's working in rehab. It hasn't killed her career at all. I almost gave up on my dream of working in the OR bc of people telling me that I would hurt my career, but I followed my heart and I currently work in the OR. I love it.
  5. ladyvp05

    Associates degree RN to non nursing BS/BA

    My sister has a masters in mental health counseling. However, she did get her bsn along the way. She currently runs her own counseling business but works prn as a RN in rehab.
  6. ladyvp05

    Disrespectful medical assistants

    I agree with AAC.271, BSN, RN. I used to be a medical assistant before becoming a RN. The awful truth of the matter is an office can be ran without a nurse. I honestly think we should've had a nurse (LPN or RN). In my state medical assistants can give injections and call in medications. I had to give up my job bc the office doesn't hire RNs or LPNs. Our office manager was not a nurse.
  7. ladyvp05

    Is it hard to transition from OR?

    My sister started out in the OR. She did it for 2 years. Since then she has worked med surg, mental health, home health, and now rehab. She said she was afraid that she would lose all her nursing skills, but it all came back to her when she started working on the floor. Personally I'm enjoying the OR. I just started a little over a month ago. I talked to my friend last week and she told me one day she had 8 patients on the medsurg floor.
  8. ladyvp05

    UWorld RN prep.. Is it reliable?

    My license posted today. PVT works and I recommend uworld. All my classmates that used uworld are passing too. To future testers: you need to read the rationales (take notes if possible) in order to be successful with uworld. Good luck everyone.
  9. ladyvp05

    UWorld RN prep.. Is it reliable?

    Congrats! Just an update. I took nclex today and it shut off at 75 questions. I got the good pop up. So fingers crossed. I cried when I made it home bc the test was that awful. Lol.
  10. ladyvp05

    ADN or second degree BSN program?

    I have a bachelors degree in another field. I chose an ADN program. I just graduated last month. I had no trouble finding a job despite not having a BSN. I got a job at a magnate hospital in the OR. I start the onlline BSN program in August, and I don't have to pay a dime b/c my job is paying for it. I have no regrets. However, it depends on if your area hires ADN nurses.
  11. ladyvp05

    UWorld RN prep.. Is it reliable?

    Are you a part of the uworld Facebook group? Everyday I see a lot of people posting that they passed nclex with uworld. There are even repeat testers that said they tried everything to pass and uworld is the only thing that worked. I'm scheduled to test June 29th. I'm pretty nervous about it. I'm using uworld mainly and nclex mastery app.
  12. ladyvp05

    Finish out Psych degree or Switch to Nursing?

    I was in your situation before. I finished me degree bc i felt i was so close to graduation. I wish I would've just stopped the degree. You may need a Masters degree if you major in psychology for certain jobs. Also, once you have a bachelors degree you are no longer eligible for pell grants at all. It's also very difficult to get scholarships once you get a degree. Don't finish for sake of having only 1.5 years. Finish b/c you really want to work in that area.
  13. ladyvp05

    UALR Nursing Program Applicant 2014

    Final update: Today May 14, 2016 I graduated. I made a B in critical care and an A in competency. I also accepted a job working in surgery (operating room). I will be starting the RN to BSN program in August. Good luck to anyone reading this. I love the UALR nursing program. Dreams really do come true!!!!
  14. ladyvp05

    UALR Nursing Program Applicant 2014

    Sorry I'm just now seeing this. For 1300 I only used the fundamentals book. However, if you aren't good at math maybe get the calculate with confidence book. Congratulations on getting accepted and good luck. It is a wonderful program.
  15. ladyvp05

    Does being a CNA help with future RN jobs?

    My hospital may be one of the very few out there that counts ANY healthcare experience as RN experience. I got offered $3 extra for my medical assistant experience. Other classmates that where cnas, pharmacy techs, EMTs etc.. Got extra pay as well.