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    The Elephant in the Room

    If you're interested in exploring this topic further, I recommend Anita Moorjani's book "Dying to be Me." Anita had stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was given 36 hrs to live, when she had a near death experience. During her NDE, she learned that all disease begins as a result of disturbances in a person's energy field before physical symptoms manifest. She says she was given a choice to return to her body and she did. A month later, her cancer spontaneously regressed and today she is cancer-free. I suspect a lot of us nurses intuitively know that a person's thoughts and especially emotions play a big role in setting the stage for disease. Of course, lifestyle behaviors play a big part too. But this is where the US health care system is failing. It disregards the mind-spirit-body connection and writes off alternative treatments that address this as "fluff." It can be very frustrating to work in the health care system knowing this. I often feel helpless and unable to recommend things that I know would really help my pts.
  2. lp36245

    New Nurse Needs Orientation Advice

    First of all, I feel for you - 10 patients sounds absolutely insane! But, I am a new nurse 6 weeks into my orientation at a major hospital and I am finding the same thing. I work on a busy Step-Down unit with high patient acuity levels. I am also being pushed to take on more patients as quickly as possible, regardless of how I'm doing and regardless of patient status. For example, my preceptor gave me four patients for the first time, 2 of which she predicted would "go downhill" that day. 3 of the four ended up being very high acuity with 1 going to ICU. I was completely overwhelmed. I was behind on passing meds, charting and implementing MD orders. The feedback I got was about what I did wrong and that I have "no critical thinking skills." (If I have no critical thinking skills, why would she give me 2 patients she expected to deteriorate that day?) There were no suggestions or helpful tips on how to improve. I have not worked in a hospital before (outside of clinicals) plus it has been over a year since I graduated from nursing school. The way I'm being oriented seems unfair and unrealistic. It makes you wonder what they expect from new nurses??