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  1. SweetGaNurse

    Day 1: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    Ok baby, I'm going to take a quick listen.
  2. SweetGaNurse

    how to pass CPNE?

    I'd recommend Sheri Taylor's workshop hands done! It's doable on your own, but with over 2k riding on the line I felt is was worth it to get first hand knowledge from her staff regarding the ins and outs. She has a high 1st time testers pass rate.
  3. SweetGaNurse

    Georgia preceptorship

    Aw aw aw well we'll have to check in when u start because I'm sure we'll run into each other.
  4. SweetGaNurse

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    Started out in home health at 18/hr here in Ga
  5. SweetGaNurse

    Does anyone own IguanaMed scrubs?

    Yes I had a pair. Pros: very soft Cons: faded and shrunk
  6. SweetGaNurse

    Georgia preceptorship

    Yay!! I'm so happy for you! I know exactly what it's like to be out there searching. So glad I could help!Maybe I'll see you there!!
  7. SweetGaNurse

    Georgia preceptorship

    That's the link to the thread I was referring to;)
  8. SweetGaNurse

    Georgia preceptorship

  9. SweetGaNurse

    Georgia preceptorship

    After calling all the hospitals local to me in the north Ga region and being told that they didn't have a preceptorship program or that they couldn't accommodate me because I didn't work for them, I finally called the medical center in Macon as a fellow nurse had told me he had completed his through there. Also, my contact at the Ga BON had said he thought this facility and the main hospital in Savannah had a program. I was just reluctant because it was so far away. There is also some info on another thread on here about macons preceptorship program. It was very refreshing because when I called she was like "yes ma'am we have that, and what is your email address I will send u all the info, but I can start u for about 3 months". I was elated too finally find somewhere that offered this. It will cost me 800$ and hotel stays to finish but it was not a dead end road.
  10. SweetGaNurse

    Georgia preceptorship

    I will be starting my preceptorship soon through the Medical Center in Central Georgia in Macon. They have a designated program for those needing this requirement for their license.
  11. SweetGaNurse

    Georgia Preceptorship

    Thank you for posting this information on this subject matter. It was very helpful when I had to figure out where to go for my preceptorship and it will be in Macon. I start Feb 16. Now I just need to find a safe hotel to stay in that's not too expensive.
  12. SweetGaNurse


    A friend of said to look at it as a practice run. Hey ya'll, I used Nclex mastery app and loved it. They have a money back guarantee.
  13. SweetGaNurse

    What kind of car would you want?

    Subaru rocks! My husbands is a 2014 and handles better than any car I've driven. Love me a Subaru!
  14. SweetGaNurse

    Georgia preceptorship for endorsement

  15. SweetGaNurse

    Excelsior and Georgia RN License

    I am interested in a grass roots movement. I live here in the state of Georgia and will soon be a EC RN. I hate to think I will have to do a large amount of preceptorship hours or travel over an hour away to SC to complete my out of state # of hrs to meet Ga's endorsement requirements. I was aware this would be a possibility when signing up with EC, but being a full time employee, parent and spouse it wasn't feasible for me to attend a brick and mortar school.
  16. SweetGaNurse

    Advice appreciated

    I haven't finished just yet. I'm waiting on my CPNE date currently. I've completed every other requirement thus far. It's best to apply to Excelsior for a review of your transcripts to see what pre req's you need and/or have already completed. Dlsi had me down to do a couple that EC did not. Meaning I was good to go with some of my pre req's from my pn prog per EC, but Dlsi said I wasn't. Also, if you haven't already checked with your State Board of nursing concerning EC go ahead and do so. Some states don't accept EC for RN. I would agree with you regarding going ahead with EC and then using DLsi if you needed too. Dlsi is great for live and video recorded lectures you can fast forward and rewind. They give you a study guide, but I always read EC's required reading from the book off there downloaded study guides. You will pass your theory exams using Dlsi. They give you weekly reading assignments and it's very structured. They do not do the last portion FCCA (1&2) and no Cpne prep. EC 66% pass rate is prob for cpne. It's the hardest thing about the program.