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  1. senvang2000

    Failed NCLEX twice

    Uworld!!! Awesome explainations.
  2. senvang2000

    Where in the US do they need RNs really bad?

    Still tons of jobs here in Minot. Just got hired, start Mid Jan.
  3. senvang2000

    Am I studying enough?

    I failed with hurst and kaplan, but passed with Uworld. Uworld has very difficult level question and allow you to think at a higher level. It helps to study with someone else to help you think differently. Also, I used to think having a lot of SATA question means you're doing good. Not with my case this time as I passed. I passed with 165 questions and had only 10 SATA. Keep at it and don't give up.
  4. senvang2000


  5. senvang2000

    How did you feel when you got your first nursing paycheck?

    My nursing paycheck is a joke!!
  6. senvang2000

    Boards for the second time

    Where can I get this 35 pages review?
  7. senvang2000

    Re: ACEN accreditation & Eastern Florida State College

    Where can I get this 35 pages review?
  8. senvang2000

    80 or above is passing!

    UND passing is 74%, which is a C
  9. senvang2000

    Need good thoughts...

    Good luck
  10. senvang2000

    New grad frustration

    Any chance of moving to another states? Midwest are hiring lots of new grads. You can get couple years of experience and move back.
  11. senvang2000

    Incoming to Bismarck

    Tele unit
  12. senvang2000

    Incoming to Bismarck

    I am from ND in Grand Fork. St. Alexius sounds nice with 3:1 patient ratio, but they pay a little higher here. Tough decision to make
  13. senvang2000

    Incoming to Bismarck

    I just got an offer from St. Alexus. I have couple other offers too. How do you like it there at St. Alexius?
  14. senvang2000

    Trinity hosptal minot hiring?

    Thank you : )
  15. senvang2000

    Trinity hosptal minot hiring?

    Can someone please tell me if Trinity in Minot is hiring new grads in the ICU? And how much are they paying? Thanks in advance