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  1. Joy06

    New grad in md desperately need a job

    I work in dc at George Washington univ hospital. Try there. They always hire new grads. It's decent pay and metro is right there if you don't want to drive in or pay to park.
  2. Hello All! Recently I was asked and shocked too precept a new grad on the busy BUSY floor that I have been working on for only one year. A little reluctant at first, I accepted. Management and other staff are fully confident in me and Im honored, as teaching in nursing is a passion of mine. HOWEVER, I want to make this a good experience for the new grad. Im nervous because I want her to feel supported, learn as much as she can, and be confident when she gets out there on her own. I can remember how anxious, slow, and over-whelmed I was as a newbie and keep that in mind every day when we work together. We talk about our goals before the shift begins, and end our shift with what went well and what we can work on for next time. Ive told her that their are no dumb questions, and to ASK whenever unsure, and if I dont know the answer we'll utilize our resources together and figure it out. Ive also tried not to hover too much, breathe down her neck, or make her feel inadequate (because I personally had a preceptor who did that to me and it drove me nuts, made me feel stupid, and kind of made me feel like I had to please my preceptor). Can anyone including new grads, students, and experienced nurses share some advice or personal experiences so I can make this a positive experience for the new grad?? Thanks so much!!
  3. Joy06

    What is taking so long!?!?!

    Hey All! Just recently had an interview for a job in an ambulatory care office. Well not really recently, about 2 weeks ago. However, I think it went really well, but I havent heard anything back from the employer!! I got in touch with the manager about a week ago to give her my references and she said that should would update me soon because they were wrapping up their interviews with other candidates. She also said that they were introducing a new computer system and needed to get the person they decided to hire in as quickly as possible. Another week went by and still no word, so I called and left the manager a message just to follow up and never heard back. When I left the message however, her voicemail said she was out of the office doing computer training for this new system they adopted at the office. Im wondering if I should just give it up and take the silence as a rejection, or call again?! I dont want to keep calling and getting no response if its a no go. I also am thinking that they may be busy, or something has come up and its just taking them a while to decide. What do you all think? This ever happened to anyone? Should I call again, or just give it up? Comments are always very appreciated!!!
  4. Joy06

    New Nurse's Essential Supplies

    When you get there find the supply room and stuff your pockets with alcohol pads, flushes and tape. For some reason these things are never accesible to me right when I need them, even though I feel like I am constantly stuffing my pockets with them. LOL. Eat a good breakfast, and stash a mid morning snack in your locker too. Good luck ) Oh and good shoes!!! Must have good shoes!
  5. Joy06

    Overwhelmed New RN

    Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I too am a new grad nurse coming close to my one year mark on a busy floor as well. I also have a 6:1 patient ratio and often times have very little help from CNA' as well just because they are extremely busy and overwhelmed too. I feel like I'm preaching to the choir here because I feel the same exact way as you it seems. I dread work, have immense anxiety, and most days question my career choice as well. I also work day shifts too and know how busy they can be. Have you considered night shifts? They are often times slower and the pace is a little less hectic. I will tell you however that this is not all there is for you out there. Dont ever feel that way!There are lots of different avenues you can take as a nurse. How long have you been on med/surg? Usually after 6 months at a facility you can transfer to a different unit. Maybe a unit that is a little more relaxed may be an option or even jobs outside of the hospital. Ive learned that the hospital is not all there is and after you get some experience in acute care, a lot of doors open. I just recently got an interview for an outpatient clinic and have hardly any experience at all. As for feeling overwhelmed, keep in mind that nursing is a 24 hour job in the hospital. You cannot do it all in just 12 hours!! One day while I was in tears, running around like a wild chicken, and freaking out, a great mentor that I look up to at work said to me "Do you eat an entire pizza at one time, or eat one slice at a time??" One slice at a time!!! DUH! Prioritize your care, and remind yourself that you are only one person and can only do one thing at a time. Also try and find a nurse that you look to who can support you and help you while you are there. Support makes a world of difference. Remind yourself daily while you became a nurse in the first place too. Its hard, and it sucks 90% of the time, but keep on and do the best you can. If you still find yourself miserable, move on. No one said you had to be a bedside nurse and love it. You have a lot of oppurtunities waiting for you. You just have to look, and do some soul searching. Good luck to you and you are not alone!! Keep that in mind )
  6. Hey all! I'm in need of some advice on my career path. Well here goes...Basically Im a new grad and have been working in a hospital on a busy ortho/neuro floor for 10 months. To make a long story short, its made me a wreck. Ive found myself depressed, stressed and really dreading the job. I know the first few years as a floor nurse are challenging, but its changed me mentally and its even effected my life outside of the job. Im only 25 years old and feel like I shouldnt be sacrificing my happiness and mental health for it anymore. So heres my real question; I was offered a position in an RN Ambulatory setting, and even though I want to get out of the hospital very badly, I'm wondering if its a good move to leave with such little experience in acute care. Another RN I work with told me it would probably screw me in the future if for some reason I ever wanted to return to the hospital. I'll also mention that I would eventually like to return to school for my masters, possibly NP. Tell me what you all think! I would really appreciate the advice and personal experiences! Thanks )
  7. Joy06

    Not sure what to do!

    I am feeling the same way. Been at my first job for about 9 months and it hasnt gotten any better with time. I'm pretty depressed myself and would even call it burn out. I didnt go into nursing to be a task robot/slave for 13 hours, put up with abuse from staff and patients, go 11 hours without a lunch break, cry at least once a week on the floor and dread going into work each and every day. I am looking into positions outside of the hospital at this point. Dont want to look like a weak failure, but the stress isnt worth it to me. I suggest you look into something different too. You have plenty of experience at this point (most places want at least one year acute care experience), that I'm sure you wont have a problem.
  8. Joy06

    New Nurse Needing Support

    I also meant to mention that I have been looking into positions as an RN outside of the hospital. I dont think that continuing to pursue bedside nursing is worth all the stress on my mind and body. I've looked into home health and working in clinics at my state and county health department. Would love to hear feedback stories from anyone who has worked or is working in these areas. I'm not at all concerned about the pay cut I will get from taking a position in these areas either. ) Id rather be living paycheck to paycheck than endure than immense amounts of stress in the hospital.
  9. Joy06

    New Nurse Needing Support

    Hi All! I graduated nursing school a little more than a year ago and have been at my first job for about 9 months now and I can honestly say that I am miserable. I've decided to post on here because I feel like my family members and friends can't really relate to how I'm feeling and I just need some kind words and advice from nurses who know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I know for a fact that I am not alone in how I'm feeling. Again, I've only been at my first job on a very busy post-op floor for nine months now, but have been considering leaving very seriously for the last few months. I made it my goal to stay for at least one year, then regroup and look into my options, however anxiety, dread, depression and hopelessness has slowly started taking over my life. I know they say your first year is the hardest, but I am a realist, and do not believe in sacrificing happiness, health and enjoying life for a job. Let me explain further whats going on... I work on a busy, busy, BUSY ortho/neuro floor at a teaching hospital. I can have anywhere between 4 and 6 patients during a shift. Most of you will say thats not a lot (and I totally agree), but the types of patients, meaning their needs can be very overwhelming and stressful. Most days with my ortho patients I feel like a human pyxis machine passing percocet and dilaudid, running from room to room getting everyone up to the bathroom, making sure no one gets out of bed without assistance (because if they fall, its on me) and dealing with the psychosocial issues of many too. I also find about once a week I get a patient who was a poor candidate for an elective surgery and is often taken to ICU due to other medical issues exacerbated by the stress of the surgery. Oh and with pain medication comes the constant worry of over medicating someone who can not seem to get their pain under control. But on the flip side if I use my brain and nursing judgement and say, lets slow down the pain meds for a while, boy am I in for it! I'll also mention with regards to controlling pain that our hospital is HUGE on patient satisfaction, so controlling or at least having people with minimal pain is a must (even though these patients have had surgery and with surgery comes pain, right!?). The neuro patients are usually a little easier to work with, unless I get a patient with uncontrolled gran-mal seizure activity, a patient in DTs screaming, hitting and cursing at me, or the non-compliant ataxic and weak patient who refuses to call before getting out of bed. I'll be honest, last week I had a group of patients with at least one of these issues mentioned above. Needless to say, I left work that day exhausted. I knew that nursing was not a glamorous or easy job to get into, but I had no clue that I would be crying at least once a week during my shift. This is so embarassing because I am a strong, tough girl and I feel like at this point in my time on the unit I should not feel so stressed and overwhelmed. I keep waiting for the day that I will wake up and not dread going to my job, and actually get through a shift without wanting to scream. I'll also mention that management is so unrealistic, and completely delusional when it comes to standards and patient satisfaction. I think that they have totally disconnected from the time that they were floor nurses and really do not understand what its like anymore. You cant approach them with anything. They are also constantly coming up with some new policy, and breathing down my neck when they decide to come out from behind their desks with their clip boards checking off what I did and did not do that morning as Im running around getting STAT this and that, assisting people to the bathroom and not getting people their pain meds fast enough. Im sure all of you know what I mean...Oh and I almost forgot to mention the surgical residents!! What gems they are to work with! NOT! I have never been so disrespected, demeaned and made to feel so stupid before in my life. I went into nursing to care for people. Im a very compassionate, genuine person and wanted nothing more than to make a difference in people's lives or just be there for them in their time of need. Bedside nursing makes that impossible though. Im very depressed and have recently started seeing a doctor. I dont think its normal to cry at work, before work and after you get off work. Im nauseated writing this post because I had no clue that I would feel this way. Im So stressed, hopeless and on the verge of handing in my 2 weeks. I really believe I have reached burn out in 9 short months. How sad!!! I am so afraid of looking weak and like a failure if I leave though. I go into work with a smile on my face every morning, always looking to make it a good day, but it usually gets the best of me. Maybe I wasnt meant for bedside care?? Not sure what to do, but know that I cant keep going on like this. Advice, comments and reassurance on my feelings are so appreciated!

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