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  1. committed

    ASN Cox College

    I'm a little bit nervous but I am ready for a roller coaster ride.:)
  2. committed

    Waiting to hear from Cox College 2012

    Hi Camwill, I have a question for you. I got accepted in the ASN program, I did my drug test and paid my acceptance fee. I am jusr wondering what is next? Do I have to wait again for a letter or I can register my class? I have no idea what's next. Do I have to take a CPR class before I can register?
  3. committed

    ASN Cox College

    I got accepted in the ASN program this fall 2013. Did my drug test and paid the acceptance fee and background check. Just wondering what's next? Anyone here from Cox?
  4. committed

    Splashing Goggles

    Where can I buy a splashing goggles here in Springfield? I need i for my Chemistry Lab. Thank you.....
  5. committed

    Anyone attending cox college

    When you applied the program, all you pay is $45 right? Just the admission, am I right? Sorry, I'm just confused..... But I'm sure call them tomorrow.
  6. committed

    Anyone attending cox college

    Oh I don't know that there is an open house this month. I did the admission last spring semester, all I am waiting is my transcript from OTC and submit it and I hope I'll get accepted. Are they open this Jan. 7? Do I need to pay another fee for application?
  7. committed

    Anyone attending cox college

    Camwill, thank you so much for the information. I am doing the regular ASN.
  8. Hello! I'm a newbie here, I'm going to apply this fall semester in the Nursing program at Cox College. I just wanna know is there somebody here went to cox college that can give me some ideas on what questions they're going to ask in order to get in to the nursing program. Thank you..
  9. committed

    Anyone attending cox college

    Hi Camwill! I'm a newbie in this site. I noticed that your from cox college, I have a question to ask about applying in the nursing program. I am planning to apply this fall semester and I wanna ask what kind of questions they ask you in the interview? Thank you...