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  1. I learned grudgingly that actually typing out a concept map helps cement the information. I learned that I am nervous to apply for a local new nurse residency program. My school handed out 10 applications. This will fulfill our preceptorship and should end in a job offer. The only issue is that they want a year commitment. You get to request your top three choices but no guarantees. I learned that this is the first running of this program. I am leaning towards doing it.
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    I hate group projects

    OMG! we would work so well together! Mom of 3 teenagers and I have had 6 group projects this semester. I am able to choose and I work with another mom every time. We rock our projects and they are done ahead of time
  3. I only have one more clinical left in labor and delivery. I have spent 2 nights in Mom Baby and I have found a happy place. The nurses are cared for and supported by their supervisors. The techs and RNs work together and support each other. I would love to land a spot in this less stressful happy place. 6 months exactly to graduation. Can't wait.
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    Pregnant and asking pts to wear masks

    She said she does wear a mask.
  5. I learned VEAL CHOP this week too! I cried when I was at my first vaginal birth this week. I was so happy for the couple.
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    VA new grad application

    Valor is only open to BSN students. Try applying as a student nurse technician. The key is getting your foot in the door.
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    7 Social Media Posts That Will Destroy Your Nursing Career Before It Begins!

    I stupidly told my professor that I went online to ask for help as well as asking her.
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    7 Social Media Posts That Will Destroy Your Nursing Career Before It Begins!

    Yep. I posted a problem with my clinical and my school found it and debated about kicking me out of school.
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    Anti-vax nurses? Are you serious?

    Couldn't have said it better. I do not approve of the CDC schedule. Too many too soon in my humble opinion. My son was diagnosed with autism coincidentally right after his first MMR and at the height of the controversy... Guess what... He didn't get his 3yr. MMR. I know now that there is no correlation. He is caught up. I have had another child just have a severe reaction to the TDap and meningococcal. I will not give this one 2 vaccines at the same time again and the doctor agrees. There are other reasons people are not caught up and it isn't just because they are anti vaccine.
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    The LAST weekend :-)

    Good luck! I begin my second semester on Monday. I am already overwhelmed thanks to my 41 page clinical syllabus.
  11. I am curious as well. I also can't really work during nursing school due to kids.
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    Any good Nursing reality tv shows?

    Ny Med on ABC. It's about doctors and nurses but it makes me very excited to be a nurse!
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    If we had a conservative nurses forum

    I am a conservative!
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    Northern Arizona University Fall 2014

    My other tip for you new students, make friends with your cohorts. These are going to be the people you spend the most time with for the next 2.5 years. You will need their support. And don't be late. Period. It is only tolerated for the first week and then you are asked to leave the class for the day. One student wasn't able to give her presentation for because she was 10 min. late.
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    Northern Arizona University Fall 2014

    If you would like to get a jump ahead, get your patho and pharmacology books. Read read read. You will not have enough time to read all that is assigned. Get practicing on medical calculations and knowing your meds.
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    Northern Arizona University Fall 2014

    Welcome! Sign up for a mentor when you go to orientation. Us second semesters will be mentoring you all. You will love your clinical Professor, -----------------. She is by far the most terrifying, hilarious, and caring person I have had so far. Yes she is all 3!
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    To those who are already nursing students..

    I have 3 very busy kids and I just took 17 credits in my first semester of nursing school. Just be diligent to write out all your due dates on a calendar and plan your time each week. I got good amounts of sleep most nights. I never slept well the night before clinical because I was too paranoid that I would be late and then be sent home. It does happen!
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    Nursing student and mom, how to juggle

    I have 3 kids. Mine are 12, 10 and 10. It was a hard adjustment but we all worked together to help Mom do school. I had17 units for my first semester. I just had to stay disciplined about study times. My kids did more chores. I still ran them to their sports after school but I would sit in the car and study while they were at soccer. I like the thing about bring your study materials everywhere. It helps! My hubby has stepped up and helped out a lot too! My kids have learned how to cook, do laundry, and handle more responsibility. I also set a great example studying and with 3 kids who are very busy, I got a 4.0! You can do it!
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    Enrolled in RN-BSN program and not working

    I think that at least in your last semester look for a patient care tech job. I have 3 kids and have been a stay at home mom for 10 years. I am in the same boat as you. I have no previous medical experience.
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    Northern Arizona University Fall 2014

    Good luck to all of you. I am finishing my first semester at NAU in Tucson. You will love it here!
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    Spring 2014 NAU Hopefuls

    What is a gait belt? It reminded me to get busy ordering my medical stuff. So excited, nervous, scared to start school!
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    Spring 2014 NAU Hopefuls

    Just picked up my scrubs with NAU School of Nursing embroidered on it!
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    Spring 2014 NAU Hopefuls

  24. Lauraingalls

    Spring 2014 NAU Hopefuls

    Sorry, I already turned mine in.
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    Spring 2014 NAU Flagstaff Traditional Students

    Sounds like a great idea. I am in Tucson but I hope you get interest.