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    Nevermind here is the link: Guide to Monitoring Kaplan/LWW Integrated Testing:
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    There is a link to scores and how it relates to your probability of passing the Nclex. I will try to find it and post it. I got a 72 and it said that I have a 99.7% chance of passing the Nclex.
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    What do you need help with? I just recently took it.
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    3/12: what I learned this week: ALWAYS taper your SSRI

    This week I said goodbye to my unit that I precepted on. I will miss those nurses. I learned that I definitely love labor and delivery and hope to get a job in that field. 58 days until graduation. I sit typing this on a spring break vacation in California. My kids and I so needed this.
  5. I cried on my way home from work too this week. A couple with 2 previous miscarriages finally gave birth to their first child. They parents wept for joy right after he was born. I had tears then. The grandparents came and it was their first grandchild. They were proudly taking pictures and begged for pics of me and my preceptor with mom and baby. They hugged us and we left at shift change. I cried the whole way home. Mostly because new life is a beautiful thing but also I cried because I am so fortunate to have three kids of my own.
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    Complaints only, please!

    I applied to a hospital for a nurse residency that would end up with a job on the unit you precepted on. Of course it was conditional on them liking you. I applied, submitted a letter of recommendation and resume. I was offered my first choice. I was told today that they are scrapping the whole residency program. Buhbye student who is about to graduate and needs a job.
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    2/20: what I learned this week: people do not understand TB

    Yes he did show up! LOL!
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    2/20: what I learned this week: people do not understand TB

    So this week I learned that the nurse manager on the L&D unit has no clue that I am even precepting on her unit. I am precepting at night so I dont get to see or talk with her. I am over halfway done with my precepting and I am trying to figure out how to approach her and talk about hiring possibilities. I sent an email asking to meet and introduce myself. I have a new appreciation for the Mom/Baby unit. We were floated down there Friday night and I only sat to chart. 8 patients and I was running all night! I much prefer L&D but I am grateful for those nurses on that unit. I learned that online dating meetups can happen at the oddest of times and places. Our antepartum patient on mom/baby (there for preclampsia and GD) was beginning to go into labor and we were going to send her upstairs to L&D and while waiting she decided to arrange to meet her 'guy' that she had been online dating with. That was awkward!!
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    2/13/16 What I Learned This Week: Discipline is King

    This week I learned that the 52 seconds it can take to dislodge a shoulder from a pelvis during a shoulder dystocia can be the longest 52 seconds ever. Luckily baby was fine and mom is doing good too.
  10. I learned that medical residents don't make great patients. She was a general medicine resident in labor. She swore she was dying all the time. Too much knowledge and being a primip, the anxiety and not knowing what to expect was too much for her.
  11. I accurately assessed my first cervix this past week. I am feeling more comfortable in L and D but the whole world of birthing seems daunting. I have discovered that I like pho.
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    Confessions Of A New Nurse

    Congrats! Thank you for sharing your story.
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    1/16 What I learned this week: Siamese Twins be Pimpin'

    Good luck! Tomorrow is my last first day of nursing school! 4 months until graduation,
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    Why???? Are?? They?? Failing???

    My school has a 99% pass rate but we have lost 7 of our original 20. It is tough and time consuming. Statistical speak, those we have lost tend to be young and first time degree. Those with kids and husband's are staying strong. I would have thought they would have a better chance for life to get in the way. I am a mom of 3 and in my 40's. I think having life experience helps.
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    1/9: What I learned this week - Worst. Vagina. EVER.

    Here is what I have learned about vaginas: I spent this past semester in labor and delivery. I dont have siblings and I have never witnessed a vaginal birth in person much less have time to stare a a woman's vagina for any length of time. I had C-sections and didnt stare at my vagina much either. One night at clinical, I was being tossed around to different nurses (so I could see as many births as possible) and I spent the night helping two different women labor. The first was a very petite Asian lady who laboring with no medication. She was 100 lbs dripping wet. I helped hold a leg while she pushed and pushed and pushed. I had lots of time to gaze upon the whole area... She was so petite including her vagina. I was amazed at how small it was-- the labia, vulva etc. Even swollen and with a head crowning... she was still petite. The other patient was pushing 300 lbs and had a very good epidural. So good that I had to help hold a leg because she had no feeling or control. She also was pushing pushing and pushing. So I was gazing upon her area as well. My mouth almost fell open because her vajayjay was ginormous!!! Her labia had folds upon folds... Her mons pubis was vast and padded with fat. I had an epiphany that night... I know when people are overweight- things get bigger like legs, butt, arms etc ( I am overweight so I can say this). I just never thought about the outside of the vagina getting bigger!! I guess because men's penises dont get bigger when they get overweight... I dont know... And the next time I was in lecture with my maternity professor, I enlightened her of my epiphany. I have never seen her laugh so long and so hard.....
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    Nau Nursing Spring 2016

    Welcome aboard! I am a 5th semester student in Tucson. Let me know if I can help.
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    12/31/15: What I learned this year

    I learned that my nursing professors are some amazing people. I learned that life is too short for regrets. I learned that you can facebook stalk your future preceptor. I learned that my kids are rockstars. All 3 were inducted into national junior honor society! (yes I have 3 middleschoolers - set of twins in there)
  18. I learned that I was accepted into a local hospitals nurse residency program and offered a preceptorship in Labor and Delivery which was my first choice! My non nurse friends threw me a baby shower of sorts for my birthday and gave me things for my residency on L&D. I can't wait to start!
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    Clinical Placement Tips for Nursing Students

    But it happens.... I am a student and I have seen it. It isn't intentional but it happens. We as students have our own goals to learn and forget that it may not be the best day for that because of patient load and the nurse.
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    OB Next Semester. Tips and tricks?

    I had a different experience. I got hands on. I felt a cervix and the babies head descending. I held legs and cried at each birth. I help massage funduses, wiped goo off newborns, complete newborn assessments, attended csections , saw a newborn resuscitation, and did a 24 her assessment and testing of a newborn. I also gave a vit k shot too. Know your fetal strips and learn Veal Chop. Do whatever they will let you do. Bring food for the nurses.
  21. I learned that I am so damn competitive that it drives me nuts. I want to be the top student, get the best grades. Passing just isn't enough. I want a 4.0 so bad I can taste it. I was jealous that a classmate of mine said she could miss 12 questions and still get an A. I can only miss 7. I am even irked more because I helped her study! Stupid I know and I am not proud. I have 5 months to graduation and I am so excited! I learned that I have yet to find a good compression stockings that will stay up on my fat calves and not slide down. I am admitting that I am a crazy crazy soccer mom. I so love watching my 12 yr old daughter play. I yell and cheer and jump up and down like a fool. I hope she remembers how much I cheered her on. My husband is insisting that my kids 14,12 &12 need to watch their mother walk at her college graduation and not just go to the pinning ceremony. This involves traveling 4 hours one way and a hotel stay (I am part of an extended campus). I am secretly so pleased and feel so loved that even though I said that they didn't have to go, they are.
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    Never wanna take students again.

    Nope! We just finished night clinicals!!! Sorry I get it that you don't want students. The new way of doing things is having the clinical instructor drop you off and come back to check on you. When your students are spread between 4 units and 6 floors, that is the way it is. I know it is a pain and trust me I am so glad to be done with clinicals. I begin my preceptorship in Jan.
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    I don't like pediatric patients, am I normal?

    This is how I feel! I have already hurt my back
  24. Just for calling me half pint, I will! Lol!