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    Meaning of your username?

    It was Pa's nickname for Laura.
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    Meaning of your username?

    Not at all!
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    Meaning of your username?

    I about spit out my water! Total LHOTP addict too! Nellie Olson was an evil wench!
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    New Grad wanting to do Labor and Delivery

    Thanks, I got a call today that there are no more Mom baby positions left. I will interview for the ED. So it's now between stepdown and ED..... 😐
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    Meaning of your username?

    Oops... Yes but in her real life Mary didn't marry. I believed she lived with Carrie
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    Meaning of your username?

    It was Almanzo!
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    Meaning of your username?

    Played alto sax here. Definitely not a first chair kind of player!
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    Meaning of your username?

    No! Thank goodness and I am blonde! Guess I could have been Mary Ingalls but she was too bossy and then was blind.
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    Meaning of your username?

    Little House on the Prairie was my favorite show when I was a kid. I would only wear my hair in two braids just like Laura Ingalls.
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    4/23 WILTW: It turns out nurses do make the worst patients

    Not completely taken away but they have to do certain exercises. And if they flat out refuse, they won't let them go hungry. Like I said it is only done with kids whose parents approach the school about helping them
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    4/23 WILTW: It turns out nurses do make the worst patients

    I learned this week that my children's school will work with parents who want help with their overweight kids. They set up an exercise program for them. Since recess is before lunch the kids have exercises that need to done before they eat. They also come in early before school to do a personal workout with the PE teacher. It isn't brutal but with the school and parents on board, these kids are losing weight! A hospital that I was offered an externship in labor and delivery called and took back the offer for labor and delivery. They are looking into other options. I am crushed. Most of my classmates have jobs and I am standing here feeling dazed and confused.
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    Nursing students and their bad behaviors >:(

    We weeded those people out our first 3 semesters. Why won't your professors do something about the tardiness or unprofessional attire? My school deals with it.
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    Please help, super conflicted!

    It really depends on what you want to do in the future. Not knowing this, I would choose option 1. You have done the commute but an hour each way after a shift is a long time.
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    What I wish my nursing students knew...

    I love this. Thank you
  15. Sending prayers and good luck your way Ixchel! I learned this week that an Intrathecal pain pump is not designed to hold two strong medications like Fentanyl and Bupivacaine. These two medications can and did cause the motor to stall in my husband's pain pump on a Sunday night. It had been running like a champ and then it wasnt... THe time it takes to begin withdrawal symptoms is about 8 hours (or it was for my hubby). Thankfully the pain doctor gave oral pain meds to cover the pain pump not working. Pain doc called surgeon and surgery was scheduled on this past Wednesday. With lots of morphine and Oxy to cover the pain and the process of surgery.....my dh became backed up....Lots of senna, biscodyl, colace and two enemas later, things are moving. I learned that I am way less patient with my hubby when he is the patient. Not to mention I had a huge deadline due tomorrow for school (my last big project- yay!) And I learned that I suck at trying to saran wrap a bandage so that it doesnt get wet in the shower- Epic Fail and I had to change the dressing (OOOPS)
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    Last Day of Nursing School

    Congrats to everyone! I graduate May 14th!! Can't wait!
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    NAU Nursing Fall 2016

    Good luck! I am graduating from the tucson program in May.
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    04/09 WILTW: Confused LOLs

    Cracklingkraken, You could have a low grade UTI. Pee in a cup this week! I learned that group projects that consist of 10 people are not a good idea. I also learned that I was invited to join Sigma Theta Tau and I am happy to have achieved this with managing school with 3 middleschoolers and husband.
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    working nurses that started late in life

    I graduate in 42 days and am 43.
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    4/2 WILTW: Disney Edition

    It is where I am at. This hospital is hiring 60 new grads and over 200 applied. They start with a phone interview and then move onto panel in person interviews.
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    4/2 WILTW: Disney Edition

    Hugs Ixchel. I hope you have a better week! I am looking a new grad job and counting down the days until graduation. I think I passed my phone interview and am hoping for a panel interview following. I should find out on Friday.
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    Conflicted about Job Offer

    My vote is to move back home and get out of debt.
  23. I learned that I really need to pull up my long sleeves during a birth. Does vagina birth goo wash out? Young teen Mothers who have active chlamydia will believe the baby daddy when he says he didn't give it to her. The gloves don't cover the pulled up sleeves that are now exposed arms. When you go to shove chucks under said teen chlamydia mom after birth... If you shove too far... You get chlamydia goo on your arms.
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    No I didn't. We use Kaplan as part of our education in school. I didn't even get select all that apply questions. I don't put much faith or weight on this test.
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    With a 68... You have a 99.3% chance of passing. This gives your school an idea of how you will do.