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    New nurse, cervical checks, HELP

    The head can be sitting in front of the cervix so it can seem to be low. I hope that makes sense. I am a new grad and just got 20 weeks of training in L and D. I have been on my own for a month now and I completely understand the mystery of the cervix. I dont hesitate to ask someone to check behind me if I am not sure.
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    Cx: C/2-3/-1????

    when I chart contractions, I chart cx.. I dont use that for the cervix. It should be dialated: in centimeters from 1-10 or could be FT for fingertip. Effacement: how thin the cervix is becoming and in percentage Station: position of baby in relation to the ischial spines. -3 to +3 is what is usually noted or ballotable meaning the babys head isnt engaged into the pelvis.
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    2017 Nurse Salary

    Location: Southwest Experience: New Grad w/6mo experience Specialty: Labor and Delivery Facility :100 bed hospital in a military and borderpatrol hub but smallish town Pay: $30.00/hr (includes night diff.)
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    WILTW 12/10: Now THAT's a BONUS!!!

    I am off of my 20 weeks of training and started night shift. These night labor nurses are the bomb! Great teamwork!
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    WILT 11/5: No Fast Track for YOU...

    I learned to keep my mouth shut when 18 yr old baby daddy of 16 yr old mommy tells me to shut up and pay attention when she was pushing. I learned that there are mothers who give their 16 yr old daughters a diamond necklace when they give birth too. Other than this delightful entitled couple, L and D has been phenomenal!
  6. I agree with those that are not visiting as much due to no app. It is definitely more slow here. I learned that Nubain is the best medicine for a post csection patient who has severe itching but most docs just say to give Benadryl. The itching is t an allergic histamine response therefore Benadryl only sedated the patient therefore reducing the itching.
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    WILTW 8/5/16

    I learned this week that my hospital has an infection control specialist that uses secret shoppers to spy on nurses and report on their hand washing or sanitizing use. This infection control nurse walks around with a clipboard looking for things to correct. She actually said that if she catches you with nail polish (it's allowed) she might ask you to take it off with nail polish remover in front of her to prove it isn't gel nail polish. Also so hospital wide, drinks at the nurses station will be banned. Even covered ones. Yikes! I drink a ton and now will have to walk to the break room to take a drink. There are more crazy rules I learned about today but am not wanting to give away my hospital.
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    7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    It was orientation this week. I had to take a 4 hour class about the importance of customer service as a nurse. I had to learn about how the hospital was rated in surveys and what I can do to help them achieve high ratings. I am pretty sure I sat there with my mouth wide open in the class. I got to the floor and was told to disregard any of that crap. Whew! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    I am so very sorry for your lss Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    WILTW 7/24: Serving up specials

    I am kind of tired of "am I too old to be a nurse" threads. Life is too short to second guess going after your dreams. Just do it! Yes I get strange looks at times being a new grad at 43 but I have never ever regretted my decision to go back to school.
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    WILTW 7/24: Serving up specials

    There are 4 nurses including myself that are moms on my daughters new club soccer team. I just think that is cool. My husband and I created 3 kids who all have reflux and asthma. Neither he nor I have either issue. 2 of my kids had to have Nissan Fundoplications done to correct the reflux. Only one has not had the surgery because he hasn't aspirated basically. The doctors where I am living at now don't like to surgically correct reflux in kids. I don't like long term omeprazole use either. I need to hunt for evidence based practice that supports my line of thinking.... Or take him to the surgeon who did my other kids in colorado.
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    New Grad confused about stipend and 2 year contract.

    Yikes! That is roughly $24k a year of stipend money! I signed a 2yr contract stating that I would pay back what they are spending to educate me as a new grad but that is $15k total. I think what they are asking isn't good.
  13. Good luck! I begin my orientation next Monday and I am scared too!
  14. Congrats! This week that I learned that cold stress in newborns can cause hypoglycemia and can further cause breathing issues if gone on long enough. I start Monday as a new grad L and D nurse and I am so excited!
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    Started Uworld today after failing NCLEX

    I did them all and averaged 66% before I did my wrong answers again. I passed in 75q.
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    studying for NCLEX RN

    I definitely recommend Uworld. I only used it and passed in 75 questions.
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    Passed NCLEX July 2016

    I got my results in 24 hours in AZ. I passed in 75q. So happy to have it done! 35 SATA.
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    Just took NCLEX- Stopped at 75

    I took it today as well. Mine shut off at 75q.I had about 35 SATA. I did the pop up and got a good pop up. I felt like I wanted to hurl before and was okay after. With my Uworld avg and Kaplan Readiness score, I had a good chance of passing. So I was hoping for the blue screen at Q75.
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    Pearson Vue trick July 2016

    I took it today. 75q 35 were SATA. I got the good pop up too. Fingers crossed!
  20. Your bladder starts urging you to pee at 300 ml but at 500ml, it can become painful. Hmmm I think my bladder can hold way more than that and is super tolerant with me. My head is filled with vast amounts of information as I sit for the Nclex in 38 hours.
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    Becoming a Nurse After 40

    I am 43 and landed a job no problem as a new grad.
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    My NCLEX RN expereience June 29th

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    Passed the NCLEX in 76 questions!

    Congrats! I test Wed and the anxiety is running high.
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    Taking NCLEX in 1 week (July 6th) HELP

    I test the same day as you. I will finish Uworld before next week. I am averaging 66%before doing the wrong ones again. I have Kaplan and am avg 65% on that but I dislike Kaplan because of their lack of rationales.
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    July Nclex takers

    I wasnt aware that they are copyrighted since in the audios he gives permission to record his classes.