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  1. livefully

    Need help

    Unchart it, and write a comment saying why. It sounds like you didn't have the pt on that day and you accidentally charted, right?
  2. livefully

    Labs/Blood Gases

    Could I please have a copy too? Thanks in advance!!
  3. livefully

    How far should I further my education?

    Rock on, TheCommuter! LOL, I was under the (mistaken, apparently) impression that nurses tend to stick in a niche once there. Like once an L&D nurse, always an L&D nurse, but I see what you're saying.
  4. livefully

    Nauseous vs Nauseated (another grammar lesson)

    How about "could of"? Drives me nuts.
  5. livefully

    How far should I further my education?

    That is an interesting assignment. Is the school affiliated with the site? Anyway, specializing is generally done once you graduate, so no additional expenses. I'm also not quite sure what you mean by "general RN".
  6. livefully

    Easy to get a job

    I'm sure people do. But the vast majority of us suffered through months of unemployment. So, lovely for you, but certainly not the norm.
  7. livefully

    2 job offers

    Another vote for home health!
  8. livefully

    I'm panicking! Now I can't resign!

    I also realized that your job is cushy. Where is it haha?
  9. livefully

    So dietitians can now write orders: Denial of rights.

    What was the order?
  10. livefully

    Got an interview but...I'm not so excited anymore

    FWIW, I would encourage you to go to the interview. You never know how you will feel afterwards. It may be the best interview you ever had, or you might feel the grass is greener where you are.
  11. livefully

    I'm panicking! Now I can't resign!

    I would go up higher in the chain of command as well as give a dated, signed copy to HR. Leave a message on her phone and email her a copy with explanation that it's not ideal, but it's the best you can do. I am a newbie to health care, so take this advice in that vein.
  12. Thanks! I'll avoid it in the future.
  13. Could you please share why the first one is bad if you've scrubbed the port?
  14. livefully

    IV tubing port selection for Y-site

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the drugs are incompatible, the shouldn't be run in the same line, no? And I would use the site closest to the pt to Y-site it in
  15. livefully

    Healthy Snacks

    I think it's Orville (sp?) that has microwaveable kettle corn. It's sweet and salty and oh so yummy lol. I also like LaraBars. A bit pricey, and definitely high calorie, but natural ingredients etc.
  16. livefully

    How common is charting ahead in ICU?

    I know someone who "closed" her charts at 1730 on her stable MS pts. But it was paper charting.