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  1. Sassy29RN

    Anyone taken National Healthcare Disaster Certification?

    Anyone have any updates on this? I am taking the exam at the end of the month. Not quite sure where to focus my study efforts?? Thanks.
  2. Hi Decgrad2013, Congrats on almost being finished with nursing school! What 3veggiesRN said above is true: Experience with kids is a MUST. I did not have a specialty preceptorship or capstone in Peds, BUT, I did have quite a bit of volunteer experience and work with kids to make up for it. I got hired for the ED and had ED experience already (including getting to do my Peds rotation in nursing school at a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center), so I think that helped as well. For people who only had a Peds rotation, and don't have any other volunteer work specific to kids (or other experience with children) you prob wont get an interview. Sorry to say. Tips would be: 1) Be flexible and make it known that you are flexible. ED was my 1st choice and I was blessed enough to get it, but for me, it was more about being at Children's CO and wanting to learn in THIS Residency program (which I still believe is the best around!) So in my resume and cover, I made that known and even wrote, "Preference for ED but flexible regarding unit placement." 2) Don't turn in a "same-old, same-old" cover letter. I dont know what anyone else in my cohort did, but I wrote from my heart. I told the story about what inspired my to become a Peds nurse, and told them exactly why I wanted to be at CHCO. 3) I took a boatload of extra Peds classes that were specific to Peds/ED nursings (ie PALs, NRP, etc). I also took a lot of Peds specific on-line classes that were available to me through my EMS agency. So check on-line and get as much Peds specific education that you can. 4) If you dont already do volunteer work with Peds, it's an absolute MUST, so start. If you can, I would also set up an All Nurses thread for the Spring 2014 cohort. This site was so helpful to me when I was applying-- and it took a lot of stress out of it for me just getting the updates. I am sure there others out there who have questions as well, and it helps when you can keep each other posted with updates. Good luck and congrats again! :)
  3. Hi Emzie7.... Welcome! Quick question, do you happen to be using another email address for Children's? For some reason, I don't see you on the cohort email list. Perhaps its under a different address? What unit will you be on? Look forward to meeting you! (PS: You can private message me on this site if you dont want to put it out there for all the world to see.) Thanks! :)
  4. Just sent it to ya! :)
  5. Congrats LaurAshRN! Just sent it to you... Hit me back on email with your real name so that I can recognize it with the request to join the group. Excited to meet you! :)
  6. Me too!! (MSN cohort.) :) For some reason, our group page doesn't come up when you do a search. I will send you the link via your USF email. Excited to connect with you!
  7. Annakahara, You are coming from USF?? Me too!! We will have to connect on our FBk page! :)
  8. For everyone who accepted offers for the Aug 6th cohort, we started a private group FBk page for us. If you want to join, you can find us on FBk under, "Children's Colorado RN Residency Cohort, Aug 2013." Pls send the group admin a request to be added. Thanks. :)
  9. It is up and running 3veggiesRN! You can find us on FBk under, "Children's Colorado RN Residency Cohort, Aug 2013." :)
  10. Great! Roborn, I will pm you (to your email account listed) re: our cohort FBk page.
  11. Congrats!! Look forward to meeting you, Annakahara! :)
  12. Thanks so much, Roborn. I will get right on it! Exciting! :)
  13. Oh yay... So excited to have other Cali folks going too! We can all freeze together our first winter! Haha. Roborn, I will need a roomie but only temporarily. My hubby will be joining me in CO as soon as he wraps up his old job. For now, I think I am just going to rent a room from someone for a couple of months. For everyone who will be starting on Aug 6th with our cohort, thinking about setting up a private FBk page for us... I noticed the Children's CO March cohort (right before us) has a page for them & we could have one too-- easy way to communicate & to help each other... What do you guys think? (Did that in nursing school for our cohort & it was so great!) If you want to do it, let me know! :)
  14. Sunshinelu86, I emailed. The hiring manager actually called me today-- I got the job!! So excited. I am from Cali too so all you Cali folks-- what do we need to do to get our CO license? I think its just a form & fee, right?
  15. Thanks Roborn... Already did that. Waiting for a reply.
  16. Sassy29RN

    LPCH RN Residency Sept 2013

    I just got called for an interview as well... Recruiter told me PACU. She said interview in front of a panel of nurses/staff. This is my first time interviewing for LP... Anyone have any insight into how they run their interviews? Is it really 4 new grads at a time? How does that work???