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  1. phillip05

    Kuwait MOH

    for authentication of high school diploma and form 137,you must visit 1st your school-records section.for certifying your copy..then you should bring the certified true copy of your docs.in the regional department ed office. also for school docs for college but in ched,merry Xmas and advns happy new year guys...i'm also preparing my docs now.before taking medical exam
  2. phillip05

    Kuwait MOH

    its a subcon.simply bcoz of the $850 salary .almost the same amount of salary for nurses working in private hospital in kuwait.under the moh-nurses should have all the benefits they are entitled of such as yearly vacation,including also free foods for female nurses not including the male nurses.the agency told me a 2yrs contrct.without a year ofvacation...but thy said it depends also with the hosp-mgt in kuwait if thy will give an additional salary/ot etc based on your specialztion /exp...i heard also that most of the nurses from phils.are being subcon.by the kuwait emplyer/agncy.coz they prefered to hire nurses from india.utopia,somalia middleast country etc.as thy offer low salry to them compared to nurses fr0m phils...but we all knw that fil.nurses are the no.1 in providng good quality nursing care to pts .globally comptnt among othr nurses frm diff.country esp.in asia n mdlest .,but its a good new hospital in kuwait i think..
  3. phillip05

    Kuwait MOH

    hello guys!to those who passed from s***fture agency for nurses in kuwait.they are already giving a medical exam request.they said the basic salary offer is only $850 for all nurses in any area.free accom.and transpo.no processng fee. but must pay for 1mo.equivalent salary before deployment.10hrs of duty/day..2yrs contract...its a subcontcact...