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  1. serendipitous

    MUSC CRNA interview

    I got accepted for class of 2015! I have a total of 3 years ICU experience in trauma and surgical ICU. I have a 3.8 GPA and got my CCRN before my interview. The competition is great, so I would do as much as you could to make yourself feel comfortable with your skills. Good Luck!
  2. serendipitous

    MUSC CRNA interview

    Congrats! Mine is at the end of the month. I have heard about the pre-test. I was told it was mainly swan numbers, interpret abgs, etc. I also heard the actual interview was heavily clinical and a few personal. So I have been a bit nervous. Hopefully mine will go as well as yours. =)
  3. serendipitous

    MUSC CRNA interview

    I have an interview at MUSC in Charleston SC in January. I have heard horror stories and was wondering if anyone has gone through their interview process before? thanks in advance!