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    Nightingale college school of nursing

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    Nightingale college school of nursing

    I was around when this school opened, they bought our massage school to take the accrediation. Then there was some serioulsy SHADY buisness with the CEO of the nursing school....I was thinking of attending after i completed the massage program, but the school was disorganized. It seemed only SOME poeple needed to complete the pre requestites..... My personal opinon, the school has been open since april 2011...not really enough time to know if they are reputable or not, no way to have fair pass/fail rates. I do have a friend that finished the massage program and is going into the program next year, so to each his own.... I wouldnt risk it though, and really how much NURSING can you learn online....its a hands on career i cant imagine the quality of nurses coming out of an online school