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xNurse91 has 1 years experience and specializes in CVPV, LTAC, ICU, LVAD.

Graduated 2014 BSN

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    New Nurse Night Shift Time Management HELP

    Thank you guys for your advice, I'm getting out on time and it's going a lot better! I have been doing some charting at the bedside but I save my assessments for the nurses station which has helped a lot. Charting my vitals at the bedside has seemed to have a huge impact on getting things done faster (probably because as soon as I sit to chart someone needs something). I still have a more to learn but it is much better :)
  2. I am about 3 months in on a cardiovascular peripheral vascular unit and have been orienting on days and just started working nights. I was able to manage my time on days okay and maybe stay 20minutes after my shift to chart but now that I'm on nights I am staying after 1-2hrs (one time 3hrs!) after to chart and I'm not sure why. I have 3-5 patients, sometimes with a tech. I feel bad because I'm working as hard as I can and still come up short :/ I don't really take breaks on nights and never stop working so I am wondering if any of you have advice on how to better manage my time. What works best for you? Any general tips for a new nurse? Thanks!