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  1. roxjerseygirl

    Lpn to Rn programs

    Just wanna get some input on any LPN going for their RN. There's a few programs out there and would love some opinions on them.
  2. roxjerseygirl

    Replacing LPNs with medication techs - Is this legal?

    In Jersey, we have med techs in AL that dispense all medications including hospice/comfort meds, they give insulin too via insulin pens and wound care that isn't considered complex. We still give IM injections. I've only seen this is in AL and group homes (non-skilled facilities). LTC and subacutes still utilize LPN's and rn's for med carts.
  3. May I suggest speaking with the DON and shift supervisor about your concerns? They can't fix it if they don't know what the issues are. When you are new you do need a good solid training. I agree with the other posts as well.
  4. roxjerseygirl

    Is monster the best way to apply for a job?

    I prefer indeed too. Career builder second. Good luck!
  5. roxjerseygirl

    NJ lpn nurse looking for job

    Sign up for Indeed.com, I get a lot of notifications for LPN jobs there. Most are LTC which is where the majority of positions are for us. Career builder is good too but indeed has more. Good luck! Jenny