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  1. tvm4315

    how is travel nursing pay set up?

    Can someone break down to me what travel nursing agencies mean when they pay an hourly wage as well as a per diem amount per day? Is it normal to have a lower wage and a higher per diem? Why the two different types anyway? For example, this isnt an exact quote I received from a recruiter, but she said this is about average for telemetry in southern california (LA/San Diego area). Does this sound about right? -Take home to be $810/week with the free/provided housing. I am from Louisiana and it is only about $100 more than what I take home per week now. should I be asking for more? I have an interview with Kaiser San Diego next Tuesday. Has anyone ever worked there? As the ball gets rolling and I get real numbers, I will post them on here for any feedback from you seasoned travelers. thank you
  2. tvm4315

    First Assignment!!!!

    Good luck to you! Please post about your journey so new travelers can get a feel of what to expect:)
  3. tvm4315

    Northern california hospitals to avoid

    Hi palmbeachrn, I'm also looking into Kaiser facilities in Northern California. Glad to know you like it! I'm new to traveling. Do you mind me asking your agency, housing, pay, etc? Thank you! I just don't know what to expect or ask for my contract.
  4. tvm4315

    travel nurse partner

    hey, i am from lafayette, la.
  5. tvm4315

    travel nurse partner

    Hi, I am a telemetry nurse from Louisiana looking to do travel nursing for the first time. Is it ok to travel alone for your first assignment? Should I find a travel nurse partner? If so, anyone interested?? I am open to any location. Any advice from seasoned travelers would be greatly appreciated!