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  1. No stethoscopes? This place doesn't even sound like it's in America.
  2. rlev

    Chest Pain and DNR status

    My take on DNR is if you were to walk in on a pt who has clearly stopped breathing and has no heartbeat then you would let it be and call the family. Otherwise, treat, treat, treat. A lot of our medical treatment relieves symptoms and alleviates suffering, not necessarily life saving. Err on the side of caution. I once had a nurse tell me we made a mistake putting a patient who was having very difficult time breathing on bipap because she was a DNR. I said she didn't code and she didn't stop breathing, she had severe dyspnea and we eased it with the bipap. She and the family were able to make a better decision about what she wanted and needed if this were to happen again.
  3. rlev

    New nurses in LTC

    Don't be discouraged. Like the others said, you really are developing skills without realising it. I have been working in LTC for about 9 years now. I pretty much do everything I did on acute except read tele strips and push IV meds that require monitoring. I love getting to know my patients and what their "normal" is.
  4. rlev

    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    I understand you completely. I already worked my butt off in acute care. Now it's time for less stress.