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  1. My take on DNR is if you were to walk in on a pt who has clearly stopped breathing and has no heartbeat then you would let it be and call the family. Otherwise, treat, treat, treat. A lot of our medical treatment relieves symptoms and alleviates suffering, not necessarily life saving. Err on the side of caution. I once had a nurse tell me we made a mistake putting a patient who was having very difficult time breathing on bipap because she was a DNR. I said she didn't code and she didn't stop breathing, she had severe dyspnea and we eased it with the bipap. She and the family were able to make a better decision about what she wanted and needed if this were to happen again.

  2. Hey guys I've been working in a LTC facility since October 2nd. I've been on my own hall for about 3 weeks now. I'm feeling really torn right now because all the staff at my facility keep telling me to get out now before I get stuck here. I originally wanted a hospital med/surg position, but I could not find a job because of no experience. I was extremely happy to have finally had a position regardless of where it was at least I was working. Lately I have felt like I am loosing my nursing skills like assessments, care plans, charting, etc. because all I do is push pills. I work 3-11 mon-fri. Sorry this is so long, just me venting. What are your opinions?
    Don't be discouraged. Like the others said, you really are developing skills without realising it. I have been working in LTC for about 9 years now. I pretty much do everything I did on acute except read tele strips and push IV meds that require monitoring. I love getting to know my patients and what their "normal" is.