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  1. A JOB ! Ive been looking for 6 months.....and if i dont get one soon, it'll just be like the last 24 yrs I worked at my last job were meaningless. Unemployment ends in 3 weeks, so I might be out on the streets soon.......so sad to think that someone with all my years/experience cant find a job these days. I wish all the new grads tons of luck....maybe yours will be better than mine. Merry Christmas ! Oh, and I wish for a calm and peaceful and uneventful ( except for a job offer! ) rest of 2012. :

  2. I had my first phone interview a few days ago. I am very unexperienced with interviews in general, not because of being a new nurse, but because i had been at the same job, before this, for 24 years! It was with the recruiter, and after a few general nursing questions, she asked me those same 'hard, thought provoking' questions. I did what you all said....gave myself a pause here and there, to think. I even told her about this being my first interview in 24 yrs, and told her how, back then, they asked 'so, you want the job.....can you work this shift...ok when can you start'. She laughed....and we talked for almost an hour ! Then she said she was giving my info to the manager, and if shes interested, they'll call next week for a face to face. She told me my answers were exactly the kind of answers she was looking for, and i did a good job! So......now I wait, and hope for that 'face to face' call next week. ill keep you posted.

  3. congrats ! i worked labor for a year and a half.......im a NICU nurse, but for some strange reason i 'had' to learn labor ( and it was about a year and a half too long to do it ! :: ) . but the best, and scariest, 2 days was during my orientation ( thank goodness ) and i got to deliver 2 babies with no doctor! it was thrilling, adrenaline rushing, and terrifying, all in one......i thanked the heavens my preceptor was with me. and as exciting, etc, as that was, i'm glad i will never have to do it again.......i'll stick to my sick babies !